Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Holiday Season!

Today, it officially begins.  The holiday season, that is.  No, even I'm not dumb enough to start some lame diet plan a month before Christmas. ;)

I decided NOT to go shopping this year - well, not today at least - certainly, I will go shopping this year.  After several busy busy weeks in a row, I just didn't have it in me.  I opted for coffee, a blanket, a cozy chair, and my laptop instead.  So far, I am more than satisfied with my decision.

Anyways, today marks the day when we can stop pretending to be focused on Thanksgiving  - let's be honest, I am thankful for SO much; but we are all kind-of anxious to move along and get out the Christmas decorations too, right? - and move into the official "Holiday Season."

I've got gingerbread candles burning and Mariah Carey's Christmas album blaring as we speak.

Today will be spent resting, digesting, and decorating.  I love it!  (Plus, we have another big Thanksgiving meal at Jeff's parents' house in a little bit.  I do not complain about delicious food.  Ever.)

And, I'm finally ready to talk about...
Christmas Cards!!!

This is one of my favorite parts of the holidays -- designing and sending cards.  Remember last year?  Well, I've got a little surprise up my sleeve for this year too!  Just wait!

In the meantime, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and taking full advantage of Shutterfly's FREE 50 Cards for Bloggers!  (If you have a blog, you can do it too!!  Just click here.)

Not only do they have the greatest designs out there, but there are TONS too... I have literally spent HOURS browsing the galleries.  Every one is SO cute!  (Now, if I only had a family of ten to dress in khaki and white on the beach.)

Here are a few of my very favorites right now:

I tend to like simple and bright - also, usually not the standard shades of red and green.  BUT, there is something for every taste at Shutterfly, including calendars, photo books, and more.  (Go browse - it is guaranteed to help you waste an entire day!)
Happy Holiday Season!!
(Oh, by the way, please send me your Thanksgiving table pics.  So far, I only have two entries and one is my mom. Sad.)


  1. i did this, too - got my cards & love how they turned out! They have been sitting here waiting for me to start addressing them...which i wouldn't do till after thanksgiving! :) Started them last night haha. Love Christmas Cards!

    & i LOVE Mariah Carey's christmas album!

  2. are you calling me sad?? thanks!!


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