Saturday, February 12, 2011

18 Weeks

I can't believe it's been two weeks already... I've said all along that I thought this pregnancy would fly after 20 weeks.  I am even more confident now!

So, here I am at 18 weeks pregnant.  (As much as I loathe the word "preggo," I still find myself wanting to type it all the time.  What does that mean?)

This was taken last night right before we left for a couples shower for our friends Andrew and Allison. Thankfully, this is one of my Kathryn's "regular" dresses that still works with the bump. (For the record, approximately one hour later, I slipped in my "cute boots" at the party, dropped a full plate of food, and caused a huge spectacle.  Thank goodness you can get away with a lot when you are pregnant.)

And, a little update:
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 18 Weeks

Size of Baby: About 5.6 inches long and 6.7 ounces OR the size of a sweet potato!

Maternity Clothes: You know where I stand with this...  Still struggling to get by and slowly converting to 100%.  (At least Shabby Apple started working for me... I'm OBSESSED with their maternity line.  One of each please!)

Gender: March 2nd is the date!!!  We are so excited!  I feel really confident about what it is, but I'm going to hold off on sharing until after the reveal - so as not to skew the poll results, of course.  Don't forget to vote!

Movement: A few times I've thought I felt something, but it may have been wishful thinking.  I'm hoping it will be obvious soon.

Sleep: Not bad lately.  The compromise is off.  Snoogle now sleeps with us every night.

What I miss: Hot dogs.  My sweaters.

Cravings: Direct quote to Jeff yesterday -- "I am just really craving artificial cheese right now."  Haha!  But, on a better note, I'm also LOVING fresh berries of all kinds! 

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good honestly. **Side Note** I have always had some pretty major lower back issues that I worried a lot about before I got pregnant.  Jeff and I seriously thought I'd have to be in a wheelchair or something. Besides one flare-up right around eight weeks, it hasn't been a problem at all!! (Knock on wood.)  I know it is still "early," but I am just SO thankful that I've made it this far with no pain! 

Things People Say: Well, Poppy continues to amaze me.  Yesterday, he said, "I think that baby's going to come in April... You look way too big!"  And, "I can tell your cheeks are getting chubby."  At least I love him a lot.

Best Moment(s) This Week: Planning our Gender Reveal Party!  Getting a baby gift in the mail from my mom this week - a cute pillow & changing pad cover.  And, catching Jeff flipping through a Serena and Lily baby catalog. ;)


  1. You're lucky I love you, and think you look super cute in that dress.. otherwise, I'd be pissed that you most likely ruined my dress by spilling food all over it! :) Side note.. you look have a glow

  2. I am so happy you are finally throwing a Gender Reveal Party. I can speak for alot of people that have been wondering which one Jeff is. If it turns out he is male, I will owe someone $20.

  3. Looking good, girly! Exciting to find out the gender soon yay!

  4. Gorgeous! Can't wait to hear about the party and the gender news!

  5. You look beautiful and your plate throwing incident absolutely made my evening :) Oh, and don't you want one of everything from the Serena and Lily catalog?? I have no idea how we got on that mailing list, but we have received several issues and "D" (ha!) thinks their stuff is cool (and really expensive).

  6. Oh and I couldn't resist looking at the Shabby Apple maternity dresses - adorable! But, one question: why do their models appear to be 7-8 months pregnant, yet have no boobs?

  7. You are a gorgeous pregnant woman. Stay healthy.

  8. you are looking amazing friend! and i love the story about your spill... and yes, you can get away with it b/c your pregnant. Did people run to your rescue? oh, and joe's comment cracks me up. did someone scoop him up when he was your bachelor of the week?

  9. such a pretty preggers! :-) I'm still voting boy on you.... at least I think that's what I voted before, and if not that's what I meant! I had/have awful back problems and was always worried about it getting worse when pregnant, but your body gives off extra endorphins (or something scientific sounding like that) and your pain gets better while pregnant! Pretty amazing stuff huh?!

  10. You look absolutely beautiful, E! One of the lucky ones, I'll say :) I had a shower for a bestie this weekend, and she said that when people keep asking when she's due (in april), and she tells them, they say " are so big!". (she's a teensy petite she does look big, but...)

    Anyway, she has started telling people she's pregnant with triplets and then they say "oh are so small!" haha...some people just don't have any manners.


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