Monday, February 28, 2011

Daddy Boot Camp

First, thank you for all your sweet comments and prayers for my family.  It is nice to have a blog community in addition to all the people that love us at home. Please don't think that I'm being insensitive by writing this post in light of yesterday's announcement... Now, more than ever, I am SO thankful for the Lord's timing and the way he has blessed Jeff and I (as well as my entire family) with this gift of new life, right in the midst of our loss.  We are confident that Granny would want nothing more than for us to be celebrating.  So... the show will go on.

That said, remember I told you Jeff would be attending Daddy Boot Camp this weekend with a friend of ours from high school who is also expecting?  Well, he survived!

The hospital in Richmond brought in three "veteran" dads with their new babies to show the guys little glimpses into their futures.  Jeff said one of the guys was sweating and red-faced and looked like he hadn't slept in days... Another had his own "dad kit" and was out on his first solo-venture.  At least they'll have realistic impressions right?!  Overall, I think they learned a lot.  There is SO much emphasis on the mom during pregnancy, that I was glad they had this opportunity.  Now, I need to get myself to some classes so Jeff doesn't feel like the family expert!

Anyway, they left with t-shirts and official certificates.  Hilarious and adorable.  I just know Jeff is going to be the BEST dad.  (And Daniel won't be too bad himself!)

Daniel and Katie are expecting a baby in just two short months. It was really fun to talk about pregnancy and parenthood with them. (Here they are with their two awesome goldendoodles - Fritz & Shroeder.)

I also got to do some shopping at Short Pump, and we ate great food... A nice way to spend Saturday before the difficulties of Sunday.
By the way, if you are interested in this Daddy Boot concept, check out this article from Time magazine a few years ago.


  1. ohmyword those dogs are ADORABLE! I just want to snuggle up with them! (I know this wasn't the focus of the post but I got sidetracked)

  2. Hi E! I've just started reading your blog, and can't even remember how I found it, but this is too funny not to share: I actually went to high school with Katie in Richmond (she was a year above me)! How wonderful to see her face on your blog after all these years - if you two are in touch, please tell her hi from Mary Frances! Also, we're expecting our first in 2.5 months, so I'm very much enjoying following your pregnancy as well! Oh, AND my whole family is from Clemson, so I love that you know that corner of South Carolina!

  3. If you want more information for the bootcamp attended by D-Payne and Jeff see the link below:


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