Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Much to Say Today...

Except this:

One of my colleagues just asked if I would be here for "The Writing Test," which is THREE WEEKS from now.  As in, are you going to have the baby before then?

I mean, really?  I'm almost NINETEEN weeks pregnant.  Pregnancy lasts FORTY weeks.

I know people say ridiculous things when you are pregnant.  I was prepared for this. But, honestly, I'm still caught off guard sometimes.

I know I'm big.  I feel huge.  But really, do I look like I'm about to pop? Have you ever seen a woman who really is "about to pop"? Am I that much bigger than every other 19 week pregnant lady in the world?  Really?  (18 week picture here)

(And, not to be vain or brag or awkward... But my weight gain and measurements are right on track... Maybe even on the low end --- which is only because I was overweight to begin with... But still.)

Just had to vent.  And maybe warn you not to say things like that to pregnant women.  I don't really care if you touch my belly... I'm fine with that.  But, could you please just tell me I look cute and not like a gigantic beast?  That's why I like you blog readers.  (Among other reasons.)

P.S. Because sometimes when I write these part-serious-part-satire posts people get confused and think I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown or something... I'm not REALLY mad.  I'm mostly just amazed, and a little frustrated --- in a light-hearted kind of way.


  1. It isn't because they think you'll go into labor! You look amazing! And you do NOT look like you are 9 months pregnant!
    What happens is some women go on bed rest for complications or just decide to quit early.
    But for whatever reason when they ask, you should come up with some fun comments to throw them off! Kristy :)

  2. You are adorable! I hope I look like that when I am pregnant. People are just dumb! No worries. PS I drove to DC this last weekend and drove through Roanoke! Never even heard of it before reading your blog...and now I've "been there!"

    I enjoy reading. Keep it up.


  3. Monday the school secretary took me aside and asked if I am pregnant, because apparently people have been asking her. Nope. Just chubby. Thanks, people, thanks. :)

  4. The worst is when other women make rude comments or ask inappropriate things. Don't they remember what it's like to be pregnant? When I was expecting a female teacher at my school told me I was looking "quite stout." Really??? :) Hang in there - you look great.


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