Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Decorating and Cleaning

Can you believe it will be APRIL in just a few days?  Spring is here, folks!  (Even if we did have a bit of "wintry mix" this weekend.)  And, along with flowers, allergies, and flip-flops, the change of seasons also brings a little spring decorating and spring cleaning to my life.  Of course!
Today, I'm linking up over at Centsational Girl to share a few of the glimpses of spring around my house...

Since our house is on the market, I didn't overdo it with the decor this year.  But, here are a few of my favorite touches to "springify" our house:

Spring decorating isn't complete without a bird cage and some fake eggs.  :)  My mom found this for me at a thrift store last spring, and I LOVE it!
Spring mantel.  Another thrift store bird cage, a bird house, and sunflowers.  Delight.
I use mason jars everywhere.  Love them.  And, with a sprig for forsythia from the neighbor's yard (I asked) in the kitchen window, spring feels alive and well!
 Simple things go a long way.  I'm a firm believer of this.

Also, since I'm off today... You will find me buried beneath clothes in my bedroom for the Great Semi-Annual Closet Switch. This is when I clean out my closet, donate things I no longer wear or can stand to look at, and cutely arrange my spring/summer clothes in color-coordinating order.  This year, this task will be slightly different since I don't imagine many of my spring clothes will be fitting.  But, I'm trying to embrace the new minimalist look of my closet and work with what does fit.  

What does your spring decorating and cleaning consist of?  Go here to check out other bloggers and post your own linky.

Happy Spring!


  1. I love the birdcage and the mason jar! Both are so springy!

    Visiting from Centsational Girl's party. It's great to find your blog.


  2. I feel like I was stock cleaning 2/3 of the day!!! Love the decorations!

  3. Your photos are beautiful! I love the simple forsythia branch in the mason jar.

  4. are these pics with your new camera?? they look great!

  5. I love using mason jars too and that blue - love! I just put up forsythia today too - it makes the house happy!

  6. This is gorgeous!! Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas. The jar is my fav color.


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