Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Bachelor (Spoiler Alert!)

I watched The Bachelor last night with my mom and sister.  Their commentary is hilarious.  We were a split room:  they both were team Chantal, and I was team Emily all the way.  They thought Emily was "not ready," "too serious," and "too much of a pessimist."  Truth be told,  if Kathryn and I were on this show, she would be Chantal (adventurous and fun), and I would definitely be Emily (serious and deep - NOT blonde and skinny probably).

Anyway, what did you think?  I feel like I have SO much to comment on!  Haha!

First of all, I REALLY love Brad.  (Not the way I love Jeff, of course, but he definitely stole my heart...) I LOVE the way he talks to Emily, and about her.  When he gave his little speech about wanting to be a father for daughter, I was seriously in tears.  I probably would have married him right then and there. I also really like how determined he appeared to be even at the "After the Final Rose" interview... Like there was no way he would let a few complications change the way he felt about this person.  I honestly thought he seemed genuine and real.  He's a keeper.  (Watch it turn up in two weeks that he's a cheater or a beater like Jake - then I'll be eating crow!)

You also know that I called Emily from day one.  She's just "wife material" - not to mention gorgeous (especially after they darkened up her hair for ATFR) - and I appreciate the way she sees things for how they really are - not all exotic vacations and candle lit dinners.   I will say, however, that I didn't think she made a very good impression in the interview last night.  She seemed cold and only so-so into Brad, which was disappointing.  A lot of other girls got their hearts broken and would have married him in a hot minute.  I know she was trying to be guarded and mature for her daughter, but come on!  I haven't read all the tabloids and tweets, but I'm guessing America hates her just a little bit more today. 

Either way, I'm excited for them, I think they're cute.   I truly hope they work out... Eventhough, when Brad and his twin and their wives hang out they will look like freaks of nature - all identical.  (Did anyone else notice this?)  Cute. I guess.

I have to also comment on Chantal.  She was never really one of my favorites, but I was still sad for her at the end.  She looked beautiful, and I think really was in love. What torture to have to go through all of that "sweet" talk only to hear "you aren't the one."  (Kathryn said she would have slapped him and run away!)  I kind-of wanted to grab him and shut him up... especially when he said, "everything that we had... and always will have... was very real."  Will those feelings really always be there?  Let's hope not... for Emily's sake.  Poor Chantal. I'm not sure if she could hear, but my mom coached her through the whole limo ride home.  Thank goodness for that.

*And, just to add to the insensitivity of all of this, did you notice that the dress hanging strap was sticking out of the poor girl's dress.  Bless her heart! (Of course there are no pictures of this.)

In all honesty, I know this show is ridiculous.  (Jeff honestly gets SO mad that I watch it, and has asked me to give it up when we have a baby.  I'm not going to.  I think it's important that I stay true to my "girly" "romantic" roots after I have a little boy.)  But, I just like it so much.  It gets me every time.  I don't really think love is like this in real life; but, I think it's fun and - in some crazy way - a real reflection of what our dreams are made of.  It's sad too... And, I guess that part is real.   Either way, I'm not exactly watching it because I can relate to it... It is just a nice break each week.  And, it's nice to be reminded of how nice it is not to have to watch Jeff fall in love with other women on national TV.

I don't know if I will watch the next season, because they announced that Ashley H. is going to be the Bachelorette (I was kind-of hoping for Ashley S. myself).  I don't know what it was about her, but she kind-of got on my nerves... Who am I kidding? I'll be huge and pregnant and probably want nothing more than to sit on my couch and eat popcorn and dream of being skinny and beautiful. ;)

So... another season has come and gone.  What were your thoughts?  Please share!

*All photos from abc.com


  1. I too heart the Bachelor! Luckily, my husband finds it mildly entertaining and watches it with me most weeks.

    Not sure about Ashley H as the Bachelorette, but I am sure that I'll still tune in.

    And like you, I hope Brad and Emily work out. I lliked her from the beginning, but was a tad shocked to see that she was the one that seemed cold and guarded last night.

  2. I was surprised that it was Ashley H too! Didn't see that coming really. I kind of wish they would pick someone that hasn't been on a previous season for a change.

  3. Yes - "strongly disliked" Chantel the WHOLE season! But, I also felt sad for her when she went home. I also picked Emily from the first night! She is awesome, I was a little ticked at her for being the way she was on the last night with Brad before he made his decision. I wish she would have said something along the lines of, "I just want you to really think about the reality & know what you're getting into, because honestly I'm scared you'll see it and run." That would have been a lot more real and I feel like more sincere.

    Ashley H - REALLY? ... Vomit! Sorry, but I'm taking a season off. I realllllly can't take her and her obnoxiousness!!

  4. well Elizabeth... i only watched the bachelor this year b/c of your intriguing blog posts... and schub actually often watched it with me. I think Brad seems so head over heels in love with Emily and genuinely wants to do everything in his power to keep her forever, which i love. Also, I told Jason that this "reality" show about falling in love is obviously not REAL reality, but that I do think there is some validity to a couple falling more in love with each other when they do fun things and get away with one another (i.e. we need to go on more dates and maybe take a weekend away). Chantel drove me absolutely crazy and I would have been furious if he had chosen her. those are my thoughts... why thank you for asking :-)

  5. i completely agree with everything you said!

    i loved emily from day one, but in the end i think brad might be the one getting his heart broken in this relationship if it ever goes south. let's hope not though! ok?

    and i thought chantal looked the best she's looked all season at the final rose, but i totally noticed the dress hanging straps hanging out. and you can't reshoot that scene to get rid of it!

    i don't think i'll watch the bachelorette either. i never did see why brad liked her. i think she should have been gone earlier in the season than what she was.

  6. Just curious -- did you watch the Brad's first season? It was awful so I cannot stand him personally and don't think he should have had the same chance twice. I am also displeased with who they selected to be The Bachelorette! :( Not sure I will watch -- oh, wait -- I will because it will be 25 HOT men!!


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