Saturday, March 19, 2011

My To Do List

Updated 3.21.11

I'll start by just warning you that this is a lame post... But, accountability works well for me, and I need a productive day today. Jeff is out of town again this weekend - this time, he's with his college roommates in Shenandoah National Park camping and hiking - I will definitely miss him, but I'm hoping to take full advantage of a Saturday with nothing and nobody to distract me from my list... (Starting next weekend, we have three weddings in a row - one of which is out of town - and, we're hoping to going to squeeze an open house in there too.  After that, we have our first baby shower one weekend and then two more weddings.  Time is going to FLY.)

*Jeff, as it turns out, didn't actually camp "in" Shenandoah.  Apparently, it doesn't open until NEXT weekend.  I mean, who would have ever thought to look into that before leaving?  Anyhow, those hooligans hiked the AT in the middle of the night - and a rain storm - to find a place to sleep, and ended up coming home late Saturday night all stinky and campfire ish.  Needless to say, it put a damper on my "plans."  Oh well, there's always next weekend!


 So, here goes:  (I'll check back late tomorrow to let you know how it goes.)

1. Clean house - the works (vacuum, dust, mop, scrub, wipe, etc.)

2. Do ALL laundry and put it away

3. Change sheets on the bed/ wash down comforter & duvet

4. Switch out spring clothes & pack up ALL the ones I won't be wearing this year - at least my closet will look bigger for the open house.

5. Clean out dresser & nightstand to be painted for baby's room.  Get rid of excess t-shirts, socks, etc. that are currently occupying it.

6. Move dresser & nightstand to the basement for painting... Remove/trash guest room rug.

7. Sort new baby clothes etc.  (Two friends have given us huge boxes of baby boy clothes in the last week.  This makes me beyond excited and happy!  I'm finally ready to start acting like this baby is coming in 17 weeks and get a move on it.)

8. Write thank you notes to said friends.

9. Grade 150 essays that I've been procrastinating for two weeks.

10. Go to dinner and a play with girlfriends tonight.  (At least I know I'll be able to cross one item off.)

***This list is totally unrealistic, but I'm really going to try... It helps to see it all written out.

Too bad this also happens to be the most beautiful weekend we've had since last spring... I will definitely be opening some windows and blasting some tunes for motivation! I will also be daydreaming about our next place - a smaller and more simplified loft/townhouse.

Here's to a productive Saturday!

P.S. I'm feeling KICKS.  My baby boy is finally a mover and a shaker!  :) Greatest.feeling.ever.

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  1. SO glad you're feeling the kicks now! Isn't it amazing?!


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