Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Did You Break the Rules?

This morning on my way to work, the radio was abuzz with comments about the recent picture of a pregnant Kate Hudson sipping a glass of red wine.  Have you seen this?  (Look at me contributing to the media blitz!)


Before I was pregnant, I probably would have been quick to jump on the "she's a terrible mother" bandwagon.  But, after doing a lot of reading and talking to my own doctor, I realize that an occassional drink probably isn't that big of a deal.  And, who am I to judge?  I drank a half cup of coffee this morning - a pregnancy "no no" itself.

I was completely by the books in my first trimester NOT a sip or bite of anything pregnancy illegal.  (Thanks, in part, to a belly that churned at the very thought of coffee or soda... much less alcohol.)  Remember, I didn't even ride "It's a Small World" at Disney World when I was six weeks along.  BUT, as I've moved through the second trimester, I've loosened up a bit.

Truth be told...

- I drink one (and on a rare occassion 2) caffeine free diet coke a day.  Yes, this is caffeine free; but, it does have artificial sweetener.

- Every once in a while I drink a half cup of coffee or so.  This week, Jeff bought "Half-Caf" coffee, so I might start drinking it more.  We'll see.

- I eat a lot of candy.  I'm not sure that's an actual "no no," but it can't be good!

- Sometimes I sleep on my back.  I don't do this intentionally, but sometimes it just happens.  Besides, my doctor said I "would know" if it was really hurting me or the baby.

- Once or twice I have used bathroom cleaner.  A girl's gotta have a clean bathroom.  (For the record, the bathroom HAS been cleaned more than once or twice during this pregnancy... Jeff usually does it.)

So ladies, fess up.  Did you break the rules during your pregnancy?  What were you super strict about, and what did you relax a little about?  Let's make this a forum for self-disclosure and encouragement... NOT judgement.  There's plenty of that in the rest of the world to go around.


  1. Meh our parents and their parents didn't have textbooks to guide them through their pregnancy, and I know they broke many a rule... and we all turned out just fine!

  2. I got a manicure while i was pregnant - also a no-no b/c of the fumes. I was told I could have 8oz of caffeine a day... and I did. And i have definitely heard of doctors telling women that one drink a week is just fine. our bodies will protect our babies!

  3. I am the same way, I will have the occasional diet coke, I clean the bathroom (but I do use all natural cleaners...I figure that has to be better, right?), and no matter what I always wake up on my back - oops!

    Oh, and don't even get me started on the candy!

  4. I have a glass of wine once every one to two weeks after the first trimester (my sis-an OB says it is totally fine) and drink a fair amount of caffine after the first trimester (no coffee but two to three cups of tea and a diet coke a day). I had never heard about the cleaning products so I guess I broke that "rule" too. I have a perfectly healthy baby girl (who is not really a baby as she is almost two) and a second healthy baby at five months pregnant. I exercise three to five days a week and eat a healthy diet (running, walking and swimming). I had no complications and a fairly easy delivery. Just don't over do it.

  5. I had a miscarriage with my first so I was too scared to push the rules. However, I did stand in front of the microwave and I did clean (hadn't heard that one). I also have had friends drink some wine in moderation and actually have their hair colored/ highlighted- a big no no! Every one of us had beautiful, healthy babies! I think everything in moderation and consideration for the little one.
    Kristy :)

  6. 1/2 cup coffee a day - check
    1 glass sweet iced tea (usually) - check
    lobster, crab & fish 3-4x's per week - check
    sleep on the back - sometimes check
    clean the bathroom (& everything else) - CHECK
    - I don't have a maid!
    mani, pedi & massage - check, check & CHECK
    glass of wine 2x's per month - check!
    soft cheeses - if I feel like it! (except ricotta)

    I think stressing out is probably the worse thing you could do. The only absolutely "no no" that I stick with is deli meat and sushi.

  7. After having had two miscarriages, in my first trimester I decided to give up everything that was even the TEENSIEST bit risky. Now, however, at 34 weeks I'm back on caffeine, but limiting it to under 200 mg/day (and some days it's none). I also drink at least one glass of Fresca/day (aspartame...), have the occasional Diet Coke, and once in a while use a pack of Splenda. I've tried to use natural cleaning products as much as possible, but I have bleached our bathroom a couple of times. Oh, and I ALWAYS wake up on my back!

  8. I hadn't heard the no cleaning thing so I really blew that one. Also, I got my hair highlighted a couple times during the pregnancy and even during the first trimester. I asked my obgyn and they approved it. I didn't eat deli meat and didn't drink any caffeine or alcohol though which I don't do often even when not pregnant. If you are worried about waking up on your back they sell these little wedges at BRU (well they did 3 years ago when I was pregnant) that help support your back and also help keep you on your side during the night. I loved mine. Bought two during my pregnancy because they did smoosh easily.

  9. Since it took 3 + years for us to get pregnant I tried not to break the rules at all. I wanted to do everything in my power to have a healthy pregnancy. I did occasionally drink unsweet tea for caffeine and got a pedicure the week before Caden arrived but that was about it for me bending the rules.

  10. Now that I've hit the second trimester mark this time, I drink a cup of coffee every morning. And sometimes a Coke in the afternoon. Someone has to parent my toddler, and cranky decaf Mommy wasn't doing such a great job - ha! I've never heard the cleaning product rule, so I've totally broken that one. I eat deli meat, and I'm really looking forward to a hot dog at a baseball game in a few weeks. It's possible that I didn't eat an entire serving of vegetables for my entire first trimester. I do feel bad about that one, but most of the "rules" just seem silly to me.

  11. I admit to caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper, artificially colored & flavored foods (i.e. blow pops, goldfish, frosted animal crackers, etc.) and a complete and total lack of exercise. However I believe God is sovereign and will make this baby perfect according to His will, regardless of whether I have an artificially flavored beverage or not! (although I'm not eating like a total pig) :)

  12. Found you via Domestic Adventure & thought I'd chime in... I think (and research shows) that the worst thing you can do for your baby is be stressed. So if you need that caffeine, or the candy, or the soda, or the wine, go for it and don't beat yourself up about it! The research on alcohol shows that you need really large amounts (like more than you would even be able to drink before passing out) to disturb fetal growth - most of the issues from fetal alcohol syndrome are actually due to lack of proper nutrition in heavy drinkers (since they replace good food calories with alcohol calories). So a glass or two here or there won't hurt (in fact, it's even encouraged in Europe!).

    The safety of other medications/artificial sweeteners, though, I question a little, simply because there's not as much research on the developing fetus.

    With everything, I think, moderation is key. If I really need that cup of coffee or soda or whatever, I'll have it, but in most cases I find that I don't actually need these things and can skip out.

    Also, women have been having babies for centuries without these new guidelines... while I wouldn't advocate for ignoring them completely, I think that whatever we can do to protect our babies & keep ourselves sane in the meantime is good. :)

    And I like your nursery inspiration pics - many look like the ones I've used, too! I'll have to follow along to see how yours turns out! :)

  13. I just realized my comment might make me come off like a perfectionist - I'm totally not.

    Easter candy has been my vice lately. Can't get enough of those stupid gummy bunnies & jelly beans & whopper eggs... mmm...

  14. I'm one of those people who has all day sickness for almost the entire pregnancy. So apart from completely going off coffee because I can't stand the smell it's actually hard to find stuff that my body will keep down.

    I ate a lot of potato chips (either as Fries or in packets - not sure what you guys call them the brits call them crisps). And I think I probably drank a lot of coke anmd other soft drinks (aka sodas).

    I remember eating soft serve ice cream when pregnant with Boy Child. Apparently that's a big no-no. But I really have no idea what else I did.

    I really do think that it's a call that people need to make based on the evidence available at the time. And everybody's choices are going to be different based on their history as well.

  15. I think once you're into the second trimester, the occasional glass of wine is fine. In fact, when I was laboring (contractions, but not frequent enough to send me to the hospital), I was told that a glass of wine / beer and a tylenol PM is a great "at home remedy" to relax you. No joke. I was told that by a midwife. I guess that figure by that point--with the baby's arrival imminent--a little alcohol won't matter. All that to say, a little wine is OK every once in a while, I think.

  16. All I know is that my mother smoked, drank red wine, and cleaned the house top to bottom with me. I'm as healthy as a horse, and 5'9". No stunted growth there.

    Honestly, I really think your child is going to be as your child is meant to be. No bathroom cleaner is going to change that.

    NOW...if you are throwing back cases of PBR on a daily basis I thinkn there may be a problem :)


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