Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Shower

Have I mentioned how incredibly spoiled I have been by my friends and family during this entire pregnancy?  If not, I totally should have!  EVERYONE in our life has been so excited for Jeff and I and so anxious to celebrate our new little boy with us.

Today, the festivities officially began with my very first shower (besides the little one that my bible study girls threw last week, which I loved).  It was hosted by my girlfriends Amanda and Kara and their wonderful mothers. (Interestingly, I helped my mom and MIL throw Amanda a wedding shower exactly one year ago this weekend... Wow what a difference a year makes!)

How cute is this?!?!  I LOVE how they used our nursery colors and elephants on the invitation.  (And, yes, it is the same Etsy store that made my Gender Reveal Party invitations, but Amanda didn't even know it when she ordered them!)  It will, for sure, find its way into Baby's C's room before we are all finished.

Anyway, the shower was absolutely perfect.  Despite the fact that it was POURING down rain when it started, so many girls I love came out to celebrate with me, and my sweet hostesses thought of EVERYTHING to make it extra special.

I didn't know I could get any more excited about having this baby, but I definitely did!  I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking now...
With my mom & sister before the shower.  (It seems my eyes are beginning to disappear the larger I get.)
Adorable wooden blocks (Leave it to Amanda to find a way to bring Anthropologie into my baby boy's life)
Monogrammed Delivery Gown from Jen & her mom
Huge elephant.  Can't wait for Baby C to meet this guy!
My Pregnant Friends (Megan - 19 weeks; Me - 27; Jen - 38)
THANK YOU Sandy, Kara, Amanda, & Sheila! Baby Chapman & I are blessed beyond words!

 I'll be organizing baby clothes and accessories the rest of the weekend... LOVE IT!


  1. What an adorable shower! And you look so cute :)

  2. So fun!!! :) Love the invitations.

  3. wish that i could have been there!!! :(:( love you lots, Aunt Delores

  4. What a cool idea - that monogrammed delivery gown! :)

  5. everything is super adorable!

  6. You look wonderful (and just like your Mom!)!! Yay for great friends and sweet gifts for Baby C!

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  8. Adorable shower and love the invitations!


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