Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lilly Pie Winner & Other Things

First of all, THANK YOU to all of you that participated in the Lilly Pie give away this past week.  Laura makes some beautiful things, and - whether you win or not - I hope you all treat yourself to a little something that makes you feel beautiful once in a while.
Next, CONGRATULATIONS to Trever at Desperately Seeking Seersucker, the lucky winner of a Lilly Pie Helland Necklace!!!  (I just won a giveaway on her blog not too long ago... Crazy!)

And, now, a few other little things: (in bullet format because I should be cleaning)

- I am 29 weeks pregnant today.  I'll spare you another picture and full update, but I just can't believe how close we are now.  I know the next eleven weeks will go SO fast... I have something to look forward to almost every week.  Can't wait to meet my little man!

- I failed my glucose test on Wednesday morning.  I'm really embarrassed about it and sad, but I keep reminding myself that Kelly failed hers the first time too (a lot of women actually do) and that somehow helps a lot.  I go back next Wednesday for the three hour test... My numbers were very high the first time around, so I'm not very hopeful about passing - BUT, prayers (or advice if you have any) would be much appreciated in the meantime.

- It is always a sad day when you realize your spring break is over and you got about 1/3 of your "to do" list accomplished... I feel like I've been running in circles this week trying to get projects done around the house/ just keep it straight.  Jeff has been working SO hard on refinishing our front porch and deck.  This is going to look awesome when he is all done; but, in the meantime, I have a grill in my kitchen, tools EVERYWHERE, and a constant trail of dirt and dust from the front of the house to the back.  I DID however, get all of Baby C's clothes that we have so far washed and put away (thanks to my mom) and FINALLY got my own closet back to some sort of organization.  I'm trying to dwell in the joy of little things! :)

Ok, that's all.  Have a wonderful spring Saturday!  Can't believe tomorrow is MAY!!!

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  1. I have my glucose test tomorrow and I'm super nervous :/ you're right though a lot of people do fail it the first time. I'll be thinking about you come Wednesday!!


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