Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Painted Rug?

Still having issues with Photobucket.  Beginning to get quite annoyed.  Please don't hate my blog.  It will be fixed soon (fingers crossed). Moving on...

One of the things I've been most undecided about in our nursery is the rug situation.  We have a custom cut piece of Berber carpet for that room, but we also have beautiful dark hard wood floors that match the crib perfectly (see them here).  I'd really love to expose the floors but add a large rug to "soften" and quiet the room a little.

That said, rugs are ex-pen-sive.   Mostly everything that I've really liked and I think would be big enough to make a difference in the room is over $200 dollars... Not really in our budget right now.

Enter the PAINTED RUG.  Have you seen this craze?  The concept sounds totally crazy to me, BUT it is getting rave reviews all over the internet.  Plus, some of the designs are absolutely precious and incredibly affordable.

Lived in Home

Hayley Anderson Photography
My Simple Home Life
Almost all of these websites used a very basic $30.00 rug from Ikea like this.

I'm seriously debating this for myself.  On the one hand, it could be a disaster; but on the other, I really think I could do it... What do you think?  I'm trying to talk Jeff into making a spring break trip to Ikea in two weeks, so I'd love to grab a rug (or two) to try it out. I'm thinking polka dots?

Are the pictures too good to be true?  Be honest!

Also, do you have any websites or tips for affordable rugs?  My other favorite idea is a cozy gray shag-type rug.  I don't think I'll be making one of those any time soon. :)


  1. I have been wondering the SAME thing! I am thinking TRY IT! and if it works for you, i'll try it too :) ha! you can be the 'tester-outer' :) One of my big concerns is that i assumed the rug would be kind of "crunchy" after the paint dries, but i then i read on a blog that you can sand it down after it dries to make it soft again ;) please let me know if you take the plunge!

  2. Go for it! I think it would be neat to use a stencil. Sunny's stencils has some really cute designs.

  3. eeek! i dont know how crafty you are but painted rugs sound like a mess just lurking in the wings--if you are successful we will need to see your results! i just would worry those photos look, as you said, too good to be the hardwood,if you do a rug maybe a good TJmaxx find? Tuesday Mornings?

  4. You know me... I always jump in and try but I'm even scared of painting a rug. I guess it would depend on the texture of the carpet and how much you want to paint.
    That being said, have you looked at Tuesday Morning? It's near Lewis Gale. Great bargains. Also look at Big Lots. I started going there and they have great deals. There's one in Salem.
    Or how about those carpet squares?
    I'm sure you will come up with something and it will be awesome! :)

  5. I think you should try it! I think you could make a template or something!! Start small...You could TOTALLY do it. :)

  6. i am having the same trouble with my background on my blog. i wish i knew if i could fix it or if they'll really have my 'image back soon.'

  7. Thanks a bunch for showing off my painted rug! Thank you for linking it back to me I really appreciate it!

  8. i don't know about the painted rug, but if you guys go to ikea on your spring break let me know... i might meet you there :-)

  9. I'd love the see the process if you decide to do it!
    PS- I'm going to the Ikea in Charlotte next week while I'm on spring break. OUr babies are going to have great rooms! :)

  10. I love this! And praise Jesus, Photobucket is working now! :)

  11. Hey I was interested in knowing if you ever painted the rug you were thinking about? Mine rug is in still perfect shape, I even washed in cold water and on low spin and hung to dry.


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