Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding (of course)

The Royal Wedding is just hours away!!  I honestly haven't cared that much about the whole "countdown;" but now that it is upon us, I'm very excited.  You know that Jeff and I studied abroad in London right outside of Kensington Palace about six years ago... So, I feel a little connection to the royal family.  Haha!  Plus, I've read a good bit about Princess Diana, grew up with a crush on Prince William (although Harry turned out to be the much cuter of the two... He gives me great hope for the odds of us having a red-headed boy), and think Kate Middleton is absolutely stunning in a classic-beauty kind-of way.  I also watched a Lifetime special on them last night, and decided I like them even more because they are so "ordinary." Prince William goes to work every day and they live in a little cottage on a secluded island in England.  
I'm going to be one of the crazy ones and get up at 4AM to watch it/ blog about it.  I'm on spring break, so I figure I can and should... It is a pretty big deal. I can't wait to see all the hats etc. (My mom is in NYC right now with her girlfriends and they all bought head-pieces to wear to Times Square tomorrow morning!)  Will you be watching?!?!

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  1. We'll be up too! I'm so excited. I hope I don't nod off and miss the best parts :-o

  2. I don't think I'll watch it live, I'm not hard-core enough, but I am excited. I lived in England also and my English friends all bought new wedding hats and will be watching it live.

  3. I don't know if I'll blog about it after but I did blog about it today and I will be tuning in. Esp. for the hats!

  4. I knew you would be watching!! I figure I'll probably be up that early feeding a baby, so might as well watch. That is how I am justifying it :). Miss you girl! - Liz McDonald

  5. YES!!!! I can't wait until tomorrow morning! :)

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  7. Eh...I just tried leaving a comment & it didn't work. I hope you don't get this twice from me!

    I relate to everything you said minus the studying abroad in London part (I never did that!). But I totally had a crush on Prince William but think Prince Harry is sooooo much more handsome now! What happen to ol' Will???? And I think Diana was amazing and so classic and graceful! Kate seems to be quite a bit like her.

    I most likely will not be up at 4am tomorrow b/c I have work & it's our field day at that...I have to be able to keep up with 1st graders all day long! But...I did ask my mom to DVR it for me (we don't have one anymore) so I do plan to watch it sometime!

  8. it's such a lovely story, I just LOVE them!


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