Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break Reading List

Today's Show Us Your Life topic at Kelly's Korner - My Book List - couldn't have been any more perfect for me... One week from today will be the official start to my SPRING BREAK 2011!  Woo hoo!  I plan to be in nursery/home organization, clean, and decorate mode all week --- a far cry from the college days spent in Florida or NYC!

But, even the most productive week requires a good bit of downtime, and I plan to fill that time with lots of reading - both for fun and education.  Of course, I will never get through all of these in one week, but I'm hoping to get a good start and be able to finish before our little man makes his debut.

So, here it is. My Book List: (in no particular order)

Laughter and Tears: The Emotional Life of New Mothers by Elisabeth Bing and Libby Coleman
A blog friend recommended this to me shortly after I announced I was pregnant.  She said it was a big help to her in the weeks and months right after delivery; and, based on what I know about myself, I thought it would be really good for me too.  I've read the first three chapters or so and am really liking it so far. (Thanks Katie!)
On Becoming Babywise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam
I pretty much hear about this book/ parenting philosophy every where I go now! I've been very excited to read it and learn more for myself.  So far, I'm about halfway through and taking a LOT of good information to heart.  I can really see this being something I apply to my life in July.

I admit that this one is a little out of my comfort zone. (The cover illustration alone makes me giggle.) But, it came highly recommended from my girlfriend Lea (who is expecting a baby of her own in early June), and I've been wanting to read something to prepare me for labor and delivery.  From what I understand, parts of this book are a little non-conventional, but the authors do a good job of discussing both sides of the birthing coin.  I'll let you know what I think once I get going on this one!

Animal Farm by George Orwell
This one really should be at the top of the list, because I HAVE to read it.  I read it once in tenth grade myself (although, I don't know how much of it I actually read), and  I've been procrastinating reading it again ALL school year. BUT, the time has come...  Wewill start this as our final book unit the day we return from Spring Break.  Hence, I need to read it and do some planning.  What's spring break without a little Russian Revolutionary reading anyway?  Who knows, maybe I'll like it this time around!

And, for some light and fun reading (because I'll definitely need it after all of the above)...
Do you read her blog?  If you don't, you should.  She's amazing.  Enough said. I can't wait for this one! (Although, I'll be honest... I don't really like the cover.  It looks old and lame.  Let's not judge, ok?)

Have you read any of these?  Thoughts? Comments?  Check out more reading lists (I'm sure I'll add twenty titles to this) on Kelly's blog here.

P.S. My tooth is feeling MUCH better these days!  There is still a little pain, but a root canal is looking less and less likely.  THANK YOU for your prayers and sweet comments - I know it is small in the grand scheme of things, but it has been a big deal to me this week. AND... My first big shower is tomorrow! I'm SO excited!  (Look for pictures and an update on Sunday.)


  1. BabyWise was my go-to book after Lillianne was born. Actually, I need to pull it off the shelf and re-familiarize myself with the principles before #2 arrives in just a few weeks! I really, really recommend it - there is a blog that I follow. The mom is kind of a freak (shes incredibly organized and into everything babywise...) but she does provide a ton of additional information as well as sample schedules that I found really helpful!

    I read PW's love story while we were at the beach. It was great! Her writing style, like her writing in the blog, is hilarious. Its mushy and lovey-dovey - but its a true story thats really cute (and makes me wanna buy my husband a cowboy hat =)

    Enjoy your Spring Break!

  2. I agree, Ree is amazing!! Loved black heels to tractor wheels. It's a fun easy read and such a sweet love story!

  3. I hate to be the baby-wise knocker, but I'll just say this--keep an open mind. Babies cannot all just be 'programmed'. They have different personalities. For my one SIL, she tried to stick with this and it nearly ruined my niece. WIth her second, she threw the book out the window & let the baby do her thing. They end up scheduling themselves too. All i'm saying is, I know it does work for some, but nothing, ever, can work for everyone. And a happy mommy=happy baby. Stressed out mommy=unhappy baby.

    Just remain flexible :)

  4. Found your blog through Kellyskorner! Am now following! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  5. I'm excited you're reading Babywise. I agree to keep an open mind, but seriously 99% of the friends i have that read & applied this book - it worked for them. They all rave about it!! I know all kids are different, though! I am definitely going to read it when it's my turn, too!

    I agree about the Pioneer Woman book! I LOVE her, but that cover...not so much! :)

  6. haha YAY for Birthing From Within. I hope hope hope you like it. It may not be what you expect, but I think you will take away some good things from it regardless.

    I looked at that blog that Chantry mentioned and it is awesome! TONS of resources on there.

    Happy reading! :)


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