Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things You SHOULD Say (Pregnancy Etiquette Part 2)

Did you read my post yesterday about the things people say to pregnant women?

I'm continuing on a higher note today...

In the past few months, I seriously have thought SO much about how I will speak to and love pregnant women in my life when this stage is over for me. I REALLY don't want to become one of those women. Instead, there are a lot of women in my life who really DO know how to care for me and speak truth to the deep parts of my heart that are SO happy about this new little life in my belly, but also insecure about all the ways it is changing me.
So, as a little PSA (for the good of women everwhere), I've put together this list of things TO SAY to a pregnant woman. Enjoy!

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  1. I am loving this! and your post yesterday was just perfect. Very true.

  2. Since I am on the computer today and not my iPod, I will make a comment! I totally agree, these are wonderful things to say to a pregnant woman. You better believe I was going over our conversation on Sunday in my head to think if I said things from the bad list or the good list. I was on the good list. Yay! I'm not too far removed from pregnancy after all. You do look beautiful, and so happy. So it's not hard to compliment you!

  3. Love this list! Totally laughed out loud at #4 -- too cute. And seriously, you DON'T look fat to me in your pictures... you look pregnant; beautifully pregnant! :)

  4. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog :)

  5. girl i went to the md yesterday and left sobbing, she actually said, "HOLY COW! I can't believe you have gained 13lbs in ONE MONTH!" then lectured me on my wieght. what should have been a great visit (we found out we are having a boy!) left me feeling low and sad. i have perked up and am reveling in the idea of this new baby boy--but these post have made me feel much better. i think the truth is that there is not a magic number for all pregnant woman--if i am hungry, i am going to eat! i am eating healthier and exercising more now than ever before--so what can you do about wieght that just seems to keep appearing? nothing, just keep feedin this baby is my plan! thanks again for the laughter and encourgagement (PS my mom told me SHE gained 80lbs--so did my aunt, and NO ONE fussed at them! ah the good old days!)


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