Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gestational Diabetes

Hello. My name is Elizabeth, and I have Gestational Diabetes.

You've been waiting for this haven't you?  In a way, I have been too... I told you last week that my sugar count at my one-hour glucose test was very high.  Then, after the three hour test last week, I was actually kind-of hopeful because the lab took TWO days to call me back, and I thought "no news is good news." Not so my friends. As it turns out, my body hates sugar a lot more than my mouth and brain do, and it is having a lot of trouble processing it during this pregnancy.  Therefore, I am officially a diabetic - at least for now.

At first I wasn't going to share this because I am ashamed/embarrassed.  Selfishly, I throw pity parties for myself a good bit over the fact that my pregnancy is not "cute" or "glamorous" or even particularly easy., and I at least want the strangers reading my blog to think it has been... BUT, ultimately, I decided that I want to be honest about every step of this journey, because it might speak to some of you who have had or will have similar experiences in pregnancy one day.  

So, the low down:

My mom went with me for my three-hour test on Wednesday morning, which was really nice (her being there, not the test itself).  I had to have blood drawn four times total (my arms look like I'm a major drug user), drink the most disgusting fruit punch of my life, and sit in a waiting room for three hours; but, at least we got to catch up and read People Magazine together. 

According to my lab work, my sugar levels were still pretty high (I exceeded the "recommended" # on all three tests); so, I will have to attend a diabetes education class next week and then go on a very strict low-carb diet for the last ten weeks of my pregnancy. I will also have to prick my own finger and check my blood sugar levels four times a day. I'm not as upset about this as I thought I would be. It seems that the risks for the baby are relatively low as long as I manage what I eat and, exercise regularly.  And, let's be honest, I could definitely use a "reality check" in that area sometimes.

I'm sure it will be frustrating not being able to eat all the cake and cookies my heart desires (isn't that what pregnancy is all about?!?), but I would do ANYTHING for my little man.  Plus, I've actually read stories of women who lost weight during their third trimester.  (A girl can hope, right?)

Thanks to all of you who prayed for me! I am confident that God knows what he's doing!

Here's a little video done by the American Diabetes Association that explains everything in more detail. 

Feel free to leave a comment or email if you have any questions.  I'm a pretty open book. 
P.S.  Murphy's Law: Literally seconds after I got the call from my doctor's office saying I had failed the test, I walked into the teacher's lounge to find that they were celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week with a CHOCOLATE FEST  (literally, that's what they called it).  Love my life.  Then, today was my favorite festival in Roanoke - the Strawberry Festival - with giant, delicious strawberry shortcakes.  (I ate one.  We'll call it my "last hurrah"!)


  1. I'm sorry to hear it, girl, but like you said You will get through it and do what you have to do! I too have heard of people losing weight in the 3rd tri who have it!

  2. I had gestational diabetes and it sucks to get that news! I cried, thinking I had done something wrong, but it's ok. The diet isn't THAT bad, but you'll be amazed at what qualifies as a "portion." Get ready to load up on veggies! I'll be thinking of you :)

  3. I pray that you have a healthy rest of your pregnancy. Just 10 more shorts weeks until you get to meet your baby boy! :)

  4. Gaahh..that's no fun at all :( I don't know much about diabetes in general, but I know it restricts what you eat sugar wise. Which really isn't fair when you are pregnant. Like you said...that's part of being pregnant...eating what you want, right?

    I'm so sorry it was chocolate day when you found out :( What a way to test you!

  5. This is my third pregnancy and each one I had gestational diabetes and each one I had to take my blood glucose x8 a day and was/ am insulin dependent at least for now. Im 22 weeks along now and have had this since week 6 so I feel your pain. :) BTW nothing is glamorous about being prego, except the knowing your going to have a BABY :D. If you stick with a reduced carb meal program you will do just fine and still get to enjoy some of the things you eat :P good luck
    If you have any questions just ask.

  6. As we know that the GDs treatment is very time consuming and painful, taking lots of carbs is not easy, but as you said that you gone through it shows your true character.

    Gestational diabetes


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