Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Letter to My Baby Boy

 Dear Baby Boy,

Today, I am 37 weeks pregnant.  Although according to my appointment last week you are perfectly comfortable inside of me and probably will stay awhile, most medical accounts say you are FULL TERM now.  You have no idea how happy this makes me... Not just because I'm ready to not have swollen feet or wear normal clothes again; but because I am SO excited to meet you.  Every time I feel one of your little kicks or butt-jabs as you like to give, I imagine what you must look like and who you will be.  I think about being your mommy, and how ready we are.  

Back in November, when we first found out you were on the way, Daddy and I were scared.  We WANTED you from day one; but our lives weren't as "prepared" as we thought they needed to be.  Now, we have talked many times about how we can't imagine NOT having you.  It seems everything about us was made to be your parents.  We know that there are "surprises" coming our way and unexpected changes to our lives; but, we are very much READY for this new season.

Over the last nine months, God has been SO faithful to us.  It is so obvious that He has known exactly what He is doing from the very beginning. (Duh!)  We are so thankful that we don't do this alone... But with a Father who always knows best... And, with an incredible community of people that love us (and love you sooo much already) beside us.  Although I haven't loved being pregnant, I have loved what this season of preparation and expectation has been for us.  I would do it ten thousand times over for you, little one.

My prayer for you right now is this:

- That you would arrive healthy and in God's timing.  I'm a bit of a "control-freak" so this "He could come any day now" business, is hard for me.  BUT, I am relaxed and content in waiting for you.  I hope this is a sign of how you will change and shape me for the better.  Yes, it's true that our doctor (and our photographer) is going to be out of town beginning on July 9th, but I pray that you would come at EXACTLY the time God has chosen for you and in EXACTLY the way He has planned.  

-  That you would come into this world knowing how incredibly loved you are.  And, that as you grow you would see the way that I love God and the way that I love your Daddy.  I  KNOW I will make mistakes, but I think if you know those three things beyond a shadow of a doubt, I will have been successful as a parent.

- That our faith would be evident to you in every step of your journey; and, that somehow, that faith will draw you into a relationship with Jesus that is real and deep.  Because of this, I pray that you would become a man who is authentic and LOVES people.  I want you to be fully a GUY - but to also have a heart of flesh and not stone.  I pray that you will be gentle but strong, kind but respected.  I pray that you will always know WHO you belong to.

- And, that you would know the value of community from a VERY early age.  Your dad and I have loved to entertain and host people since we were in high school... A big part of our hearts and our calling is in having a home and a life that is open to relationships.  Baby boy, there are SO many people excited about your arrival.  We pray that from day one you would experience true community and grow up surrounded by LOTS of people who will shape and form you.  As your parents, I pray that God will give us the discernment to do this right... And that those around us will feel a part of your life from the beginning. 

We are praying for you and anxiously counting down the days until we get to see you and hold you!



  1. Awwwww, this is such a sweet letter. I have been following along since you announced your pg (although not commenting) but I wanted to tell you good luck with everything.

    I can remember the anticipation of waiting on our first son to arrive. There is nothing like it! It's an amazing miracle. When you hold him for the first time that is all it takes to become a mom. It's that simple. Everything inside of you changes. For the better, of course.

    I wish you a wonderful birth experience!

  2. what a great letter! i love writing letters to my daughter on her birthday and wish that i had started even before she was born!

  3. ok, this made me cry. But I also cry when I watch Say Yes To The Dress, so maybe I'm just a little too sappy?

    Anyway, I'm so excited for ya'll and I can't wait until your blog posts have baby pictures in them. :)


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