Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot and Ready

No, my title is not referring to Baby C being "fully cooked" OR my current emotional/physical state - although either one would be a perfect description right about now - I'm actually talking about donuts.  You know, Krispy Kreme Hot & Ready:

Now that you get the picture (are you drooling yet?)... Let me tell you a little story about these donuts and a 9-month-pregnant-hormonal-diabetic-woman.  (I won't say who this woman is.)

The evening started out great.  Said woman and her husband had just finished a wonderful dinner and were happily headed downtown to get sugar-free frozen yogurt.  Then, out of nowhere, the unassuming couple ran across the above lit-up sign.  The husband - who, literally NEVER requests sweets - has a moment of weakness and asks if he can stop and get ONE.  The wife - at this time, still quite content and excited for her frozen yogurt, said YES and instructed him to pull in.  While she waited in the car, husband ran inside like a giddy school boy.  Within seconds, he emerged from the shop with a whole DOZEN donuts and a smile the size of Texas.  He then proceeded to get in the car, rip into the box, and devour a steaming-hot-melt-in-your-mouth-donut as the smell overtook the car.

It was at this point, that things took an unexpected turn...  Nine-month-pregnant-hormonal-diabetic-woman went CRAZY.  While poor husband innocently held his box of donuts, crazy wife screamed, yelled, and - yes - CRIED because husband was being so "insensitive" by eating the donuts in front of her.  (Remember, she TOLD him he could.)  

Needless to say, crazy woman then decided she did NOT want frozen yogurt - because by now her mascara was all over her face and she was "not in the mood."  Traumatized husband closed his box of eleven remaining donuts and put them in the backseat to take to work in the morning.  The night did NOT end well.  

Luckily, husband is very patient and promptly forgave wife - even took the blame.  Today is a new day and donuts seem less important.  However, that being said, woman would not be sad at all if someone remembers to bring her a dozen "hot & ready" donuts when she is in the hospital in a few days/weeks.


  1. Bahaha. This is totally the reason why I explain the concept of the crazy/hot scale to my students. That way, when stuff like this happens (hopefully later in life), they understand.

  2. Oh my gosh, I would have been so upset! Eating one doughnut discreetly inside the store would have been the only way to go for DH. Bringing back a dozen, even with the intention to take ten or eleven to work, would have made me cry too. :( Hope you're hanging in there...

  3. Haha! I would have been so upset too! I love, love, love sweets. I actually would have never allowed him to pull in.

  4. Aw! It's so awful to watch someone eat something delicious like that when you can't have it! Tears were totally justified ; )

  5. Oh no! Blame it on the pregnancy hormones ;-)

  6. Oh, man! I think i would have cried myself! Didn't he say ONE DONUT?!?!?! Not 12??? I would have been ok with one, it'd be gone in a second! But 12?!?! Oh, no... basket case. That's what i would have been!


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