Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby in a Bowl

First of all, thank you.  Thank you for your comments, emails, facebook messages etc.  Blogging makes me feel... NORMAL.  And, at least in this case, normal is good. The advice and encouragement of so many moms that have gone before me is, truly, priceless.

Thanks for letting me be real.  This is a hard job; but, it is SO worth it. 

I started worrying a little (go figure) last night that I must sound like the biggest complainer ever - I didn't exactly glow about pregnancy either - so, let me reiterate... I am SO thankful to have this baby.  I know it isn't a guarantee in life.   My heart is absolutely full to the brim with love for this little life. (Thankfully, that part has come very naturally.) I write this stuff because I think there is danger in pretending like everything is butterflies and rainbows all the time.  I want to remember the good stuff - of course - but also the difficult things so that I can see how far I've come.  I also hope that my words will somehow be healing and comforting to other women experiencing similar emotions and thoughts.  But, again, please don't mistake my vulnerability with ungratefulness or whiney-ness.  That is NOT my intention.

Now, to lighten the mood just a bit... Check out our baby in a bowl.

Last night, Jeff decided he wanted to weigh Sam - to ease some of my fears about feeding and just because we were curious - so he attempted to use the food scale.  We needed something to hold him (other than our hands), so Jeff used this mixing bowl.  Hilarious.  And, in case you were wondering, our "little" guy weighs over NINE pounds now.  This boy is certainly NOT going hungry! Proud Mama here.

Don't worry, he was only like that for a second... Then he was cuddled and coddled the rest of the evening. Here is looking much happier (albeit a little cross-eyed):

Check out my Show Us Your Life post on "Blogging Tips" here if you missed it.  Also, I've gotten several emails recently from teachers about some of the classroom organization ideas I posted about here.  I'm working on a FAQ post with PDFs of some popular documents like my "Yellow Sheet" for next week. So... hang tight! :)


  1. haha I love the cross eyed look, Lydia's did that a lot in those first few weeks/months. You are doing GREAT!!

  2. i love love love that last picture! CANNOT wait to meet little Sam :-)

  3. Baby in a bowl - these are the things you'll remember :)

  4. love the baby in a bowl! I was wondering how we were going to measure our guy between doctor's visits; we need to try that! :)


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