Monday, August 29, 2011

Birth Announcement & Newborn Photos

I think by now all of our real life friends and families have received Sam's birth announcement, so it is safe to share it (and the rest of his newborn photos) with the rest of the world.

Without further adieu... (And only six weeks late)

As usual, our friend Howard took all of these pictures.  We are so blessed by him and his talent. I love every one of them. The announcement was designed by a company on Etsy called Lifelines and sent to me as a PDF.  Then, I was able to order hard copies from uprinting for a great price.  I don't know what we'll do with the rest of these awesome pictures... probably plaster the walls of our house with them.  In the meantime, enjoy this healthy dose of preciousness.

Photos taken at 4 weeks old... He already looks SO different!


  1. oh my gosh! i love that one w/ addy looking at sam!!! :) :) So sweet!

  2. I love the one of Sam 'hanging out' in B&W... so teeny and precious.

  3. He's sooooo precious! Love the announcements!

  4. I love your announcements! He is so precious!

  5. Oh, the pictures turned out great! And look at those eyes!

  6. Love the last one of Sam and Addy! What a sweet big sister! (And such a beautiful baby boy!)

  7. My Dear Elizabeth, love, love your announcements of our DEAR Sam!! Thank you LOTS!
    Love you lots,
    Sam's Auntie D :)

  8. Great photos! Love the one of Sam & Addy!

  9. I have been reading through your first weeks with your new little man. So stinkin' adorable! If he is still fussy and battling colic, why don't you check out Happi Tummi ( While my nine month old guy hasn't dealt with colic, other patients' parents I have worked with have and they recommended this product. See if you like (or don't).

  10. When i first did moving to Sydney i make sure that my baby got their sound and safe.


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