Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well, when this season of the Bachelorette started, I said I'd be watching the finale with my own little man... And, sure enough, I did. (Well, I actually was feeding, rocking, and then jumping into bed myself to try and grab as many precious minutes of sleep as possible... But, I took advantage of my early morning to watch it on the internet. Don't worry.)

Ok... So let me just say two things.

2. I am obsessed with JP.  

My mom and sister were Team Ben (and I was awfully sad for him... I HATE break-ups, even if it was the 24th one of the show); but, JP (and that smile) had me from the very beginning. I mean, I think I seriously have/had a major crush.  I feel a little bad about this because I'm married (I love you Jeff!), but I don't think it really counts when you've never even met the person... right?

I was just thinking that JP might be my favorite Bachelor winner of all time... Then, I just looked back at some of my other posts from other seasons and realized I "fall in love" every time.  No wonder Jeff doesn't support my addiction to the show. 

Anyway, for all the things I don't love about Ashley, I think they are cute.  They were on Regis & Kelly this morning and looked pretty genuinely in love.  I hope it works out, and they actually get married.  We need some hope after the Emily & Brad fiasco.  (Because, after all, it is super healthy to put our hope for love and romance in a reality television show.)  I, for one, would certainly welcome another opportunity to see JP in a tux. ;)

So... will you be watching The Bachelor Pad?  (It truly takes the show to a whole new level of TRASH; but, let's be honest, I'll probably watch it.  My days involve breast milk - lots and lots and lots of it - poop, and laundry -- I could use a little drama.)

And, who do you think will be the next Bachelor?  My guess is Ryan P.  At first I thought his returning to Fiji was creepy, but he won me over at the Men Tell All episode when he said, "seeing your relationships with the other guys... I get it."  According to Ashley, he is everything a girl could want (except her). There have got to be 25 girls in love with him already!


Finally, a little bonus material for you today.  Here's a text message I got from my sister last night as I was putting Sam to bed:

I just asked dad to get me a diet coke, and mom said "Don't drink another diet coke.  They are bad for you.  Have a beer."

Only my mom!  (For the love ABC, put my sister on the show!  My family will be a HUGE HIT!)


  1. I was on Team Ben too even thought I knew it would be JP. I'm just glad they're happy, and I hope they can make it work.

    Can't wait for Bachelor Pad! Seriously, is there a trashier show on tv?? Maybe, but it's definitely the trashiest show I watch. Haha.

    I was never a Ryan fan, so don't particularly want him to be the next Bachelor. I could definitely get on board with Ben though! :)

  2. I 100% agree your family and Kathryn on this show would be TV gold. Full of straws, diet cokes, gum wrappers and hair EVERYWHERE. :)

  3. I was also team JP, but I felt really bad for Ben! How humiliating!!!! I am SOOOOOO gonna watch Bachelor Pad....I think it is going to be HILARIOUS!

  4. I was team JP from the beginning- mmm he's precious! :) As for Bachelor Pad- no thank you. Too much sex & whiney girls for me! When do we get more pictures of your little handsome guy?!

  5. Oooo yeah! I just found your blog on Through Clouded Glass's blog roll and I had to add you to mine, too! I am also a wife, teacher, and mommy to a baby boy. Love looking back on your posts! I'm a Ben gal. Just loved the sensitivity with him and his family and what they'd been through. I agree that JP was a frontrunner from the get go but I feel like Ben was so real. Hope it works out for them... onto Bachelor Pad. I HATE it but of course I have to tune in. ;)


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