Friday, September 16, 2011

A Day in the Life

I've been wanting to do one of these posts for a while, one because "all the cool kids [in the blog world] are doing i"; and two because I'm going back to work soon and I want to remember these sweet days home with my boy.  Then, Baby Rabies (one of my new favorite blogs) posted a link-up yesterday with this same title... It was destiny!

Jeff has been out of town and I wanted the day to be as "ordinary" as possible so I could capture all the little moments that come and go so fast these days, SO I waited until Thursday to record my day. THANK GOODNESS I did.  Sam was a little angel! It was one of those days that went just the way I would have planned it... Glorious!  Rest assured that if I had chosen Wednesday instead, you would have only gotten pictures of a crying baby and me pulling my hair out! ;)

Anyways, here goes... A Day in the Life

(Thursday, September 15th, 2011 - Sam at 9 Weeks)

6:00AM - Sam wakes up for a quick feed and diaper change. 

*I should note that he slept EIGHT hours for the first time ever the night before!!  Hallelujah!  Also worth noting:  His DAD, on the other hand, was apparently bitten by a spider during the night so we still were up at 3AM.  Go figure!

6:30AM - 10AM - Sam snuggles with Jeff in bed while I make coffee, pump, blog, etc.  When Jeff gets ready for work around 8, I get back in bed and "nap" with Sam.  I try to get up by 9 to feed him; but on this particular morning, we just felt like sleeping in. I'm so glad we have a baby that likes to snooze and snuggle as much as we do!

10:00AM - Sam eats breakfast while we watch Kathi Lee and Hoda on NBC.  (I love this show because they drink wine at 10AM.  You can't beat it.)  Then, he has some play time in his crib while I take a shower, etc.

We had to do  a few scenery changes; but, for the most part, he was happy and content! (Please excuse the purple Elephant... It wasn't really as bad as it looks.)

11:15AM - I put Sam in his swing (which he usually hates) so that I could get the stroller together for a walk, AND he fell asleep! Normally we walk with friends around now, but today we didn't any specific plans so... Who am I to stop a man from his morning nap?

While he slept, I pumped again, caught up on emails and blog reading, and... he was awake 30 minutes later! (So long "To Do" list!)

12:00PM - Feeding & tummy time.  I even captured this roll - riveting, I know.

1:00PM - Jeff comes home for lunch.  While I make PBJs, Sam & dad hang out.

2:00PM - Sam naps for a little bit in his pack n' play while Addy and I work on his Baby Book.  (Don't be fooled into believing I do this every day... I am WAY behind and just happened to think of it today because I wanted to mark that he slept through the night; plus it was the perfect procrastination for laundry.)  He was awake and hungry by 2:45.

3:00PM - Our friends Megan and Adam stop by to show off their brand new baby Noah.  I was so excited to meet him that I completely forgot to take a picture.  Ugg.

4:30PM - We meet Kathryn at Target to check out the new Missoni line.  Kathryn is grumpy when we get there because they only have kids stuff and lingerie left - she leaves.  Sam and I wander aimlessly for a bit, and I convince myself that going back to work will be "fun" because I will wear cute clothes. He loves Target.

Bangs + Humidity = Hideous
6:00 - 8:00PM - Jeff comes home from work.  More feeding for Sam, then he catnaps in the kitchen while we make dinner - Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti (very good).  Daniel stops by just in time to hold Sam so we can eat.

8:30 - 9:30PM Sam's bath, book, and bottle.  I'm not going to lie, we are VERY lax about his nighttime routine right now... This happened to be a good night.  One thing we do try to do every night is have Jeff give him his bedtime bottle (this is pumped milk from the morning) and rock him to sleep.  We got this idea from Moms on Call and it works nicely for us.  It is a good time for the boys to bond while I clean up from dinner, straighten the house, and have a little alone time before bed.

10:00PM - All three of us are tucked in bed for the night.  (Because, you know, twelve hours of awake time is way too much for me.)  Sometimes Jeff and I will stay up for a bit and watch TV etc., but most nights we go to bed pretty much when Sam does.  If there's one thing we've gotten down about this parenting thing it is the "sleep when the baby sleeps" part.  We are big fans of sleep.

So, that's our day.  If you are still reading the monstrosity of a post, thanks for humoring me. On a TRULY perfect day, I would have also had a good quiet time, exercised (still haven't started the 30 Day Shred I planned to start on 9/1), and maybe taught Sam something like reading or math... But, this was pretty darn close! :)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that "sleeping through the night" thing... He DID IT AGAIN last night!


  1. I can't wait to see the new line at Target. My Mom went yesterday and said it was fabulous! Sam is a doll face! He is super cute holding his head up during tummy time!

  2. Yay for his great sleeping! I hope it will stay that way. SO jealous you got to meet baby Noah! I can't wait to get my hands on him :) Loved seeing what your day is like!

    Hope you have a great weeekend!

  3. I like it! Hooray for sleeping through the night. Hope it keeps up! Some pretty stinking cute pictures of Dad and baby! :)

  4. I love his bath time picture! I heard Target clothing was all the rage this week.

  5. Yay for sleep! I'm glad you chose a good day to capture. He is adorable! Thanks so much for participating and linking up.

  6. I enjoyed reading this! We go to bed so early too - babies will do that to ya. :-)

  7. What a wonderful, wonderful day!!!! who took a picture in Target if Kathryn (Aunt Bee) ditched you??? love you!!

  8. If that's what your "hideous" hair look like... sigh I'm not even going to go there! ;) You look great and Sam is as cute as ever!

  9. so jealous Sam is sleeping through the night. Luke has decided he wants to start the feed every two hour thing again :/

  10. Loved this me a sneak peek into what my life MIGHT be light in March when our little one arrives. I was wondering what baby book you have. I love the calendar/stickers!

  11. Awwww. He is precious. I am a fan of sleep too so if I ever get married and have kids I would be all about the sleep when the baby sleeps deal. And Addy is so cute. Love her!!

  12. Would you please share where you got your baby book? It looks so nice and organized. Thanks!

  13. I love this! :) That's fabulous that he's sleeping through the night & I hope it has continued for you. I remember when our daughter did it consecutively ... I'm pretty sure I sang many stanzas of the hallelujah chorus in the morning. ;)

  14. One of my favorite things to do while I was on maternity leave was go to Target with Caden! I miss those days.

  15. I loved the beautiful photo of you and Sam in Target.That sure was a wonderful day/night you had with Sam. I hope that you'll have lots more! E..I loved the photos of Sam....he is so darn cute!
    Lots of love,Auntie D

  16. He is so sweet. I'm so glad Jill decided to do this since I totally got lost in your blog for like the past hour. Love your 30 by 30 list, it's always fun finding other people who are doing one as well.

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