Friday, September 2, 2011

My Favorite Blogs

Especially since having Sam, I've become quite the blog READER.  We only get two channels on our television, and between the hours of 11 and 4 nothing is on but soap operas... Tempting, but no go.  So, while I'm feeding/pumping/rocking/etc. I often envelop myself in the lives of real-live bloggers instead... It's kind-of like reality TV only - I think - a little deeper (usually) and informative. :)

I like to think I'm pretty well rounded in the blog world.  I read fashion blogs (because Kathryn makes me), I read design/diy/craft blogs (because I deeply want to be that kind of girl), and here recently... I read A LOT of mom blogs.

Today I'm linking up at Kelly's Korner to share a few of my favorites in each of those categories - not that any of them fall exclusively into one category... but you know what I mean.  Enjoy!

...about mom stuff: (I like these a lot more and find a lot more info here than any book I've read - and I've read a lot...)
Baby Rabies (It is funny that I put this right after Prayer of Hannah, which is obviously faith-based.  This is a bit crass - as in, when Kathryn is a mom she will write like this - but it is funny and real, and I love it.)
In This Wonderful Life (she just had TWINS)

... about homes (decorating, designing, crafting, organizing):
The Project Girl (probably going to do a whole post on this one soon... OBSESSED right now)

... about fashions (my inspiration for being the fashionista that I am... right)
The Daybook (pregnant and trendy)
Ruche (this is a clothing store, but I really like their blog too)

A Cup of Jo (she could really go in all three categories)

*Note: There are lots more, including some of the "big guns" that I didn't think needed repeating here, up top on my horizontal navigation bar.  Guaranteed to keep you browsing ALL DAY. ;)

Now I'm off to re-stock my repertoire of people to stalk blogs to read at Kelly's Korner.  It is a good day.

Happy Friday!


  1. These are new to me I need to explore.

  2. Thanks E. GREAT job on your nursery!

  3. umm... ahem.... You mean The Buck Family doesn't make the list?!?! ;)
    can't wait to catch up soon!

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