Thursday, September 1, 2011

Panty Hose

I heard on The Today Show last week that Kate Middleton is bringing sheer pantyhose back in style - even in the August heat.  I've always been VERY anti; BUT, I've spent my summer in the air conditioning (read: no tan) and pregnancy has not exactly been good to my legs. Maybe this will be the year...

What do you think?  Do you wear pantyhose?  Will you follow Kate's lead and start?


  1. She can keep them. My legs have never been tan, and they've always been a little chubby. I just buy dresses that hit my ankles and then I don't have to worry about it.

    But I don't see myself ever squeezing into those stupid things and dealing with a wayward crotch EVER again.

    Though, never say never, right?

  2. Maybe Kate has spider veins...a flaw! Imagine that! haha I don't think I'm quite ready to recommit to those. I'll wait till I don't feel like I'm stuck in the 90's to wear them! I won't be surprised if they make a comeback though.
    oh, and did you mom ever pick a name for Sam to call her? (this has no relation to panty hose)

  3. You read my mind. I've been wondering this same thing. Okay? Not okay?

  4. I saw this on tv too and I was like, no way! I wore a uniform to high school and I never even wore nude stockings even back then. I am ok with funcky tights, but panty hose, um, not for me.

  5. is there a pair of magic hose that would make my legs look like Kate's? If so, I'm in!

    {honestly, I wear thick tights/leggings in the fall & winter but I don't see myself going nude. :) I do think they will become popular again just because Kate is wearing them!}

  6. If they make me look as pretty & skinny as Kate I'm willing to get well acquainted with pantyhose even in this hot Okanagan heat ;)

  7. No way! I HATE pantyhose!!!! Haha.

  8. I heard that the queen makes her wear them to be formal or something. it could be a rumor but it makes sense. what twenty-something even OWNS pantyhose?!


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