Sunday, September 11, 2011


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I want to write something deep and meaningful about what I remember from that day ten years ago.  But, the truth is: I remember sitting on a desk in the journalism classroom watching the second tower fall, I remember knowing in my mind how HUGE this was - how America as I knew it would never be the same - but, I really don't remember much more about that day or the broken days that followed.  

I was 17. It was the start of my senior year.  I was worried about who I would go to Homecoming with and whether or not I'd get into college.  

Now, ten years from that day, I'm sad that I didn't "get it."  When we are young, we are SO selfish (heck, I still am.)   But, in the years that have followed, if one word could describe my feelings about September 11th, 2001, it would be UNSELFISH.  So many people gave their lives that day.  So many people - whose lives were FOREVER changed, and not just by tougher security at the airport - were bound together by love and hope.  So many people have devoted the last decade to protecting our country.

Today, I remember. I remember for America.  I remember for New York.   I remember for my precious baby boy who woke up smiling and innocent; but who will study 9-11 in his history classes and grow up with a moment of silence at 8:46AM on this day every year. And I remember for all those people that never got the chance to.

P.S. I forgot to post the Stella giveaway winner yesterday; and it just doesn't seem appropriate today.  So, you get an extra day to enter, and I'll announce tomorrow.


  1. I remember feeling guilty later that week when I had to go about my errands and feeling weird that I was doing everyday things like getting gas and going to the grocery store while so many were taken away from their everyday life. It was surreal.

  2. I was at an elementary school near Dulles airport teaching school. The library aide came and got me out of the computer lab and had me watch the events unfolding on T.V.


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