Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Few Random/Weird Things

1. My feet have grown like crazy since before I was pregnant.  Not even just wider, they are significantly LONGER.  NONE of my shoes fit.  Seriously.  Jeff thinks it is part of my master plan to ruin him get a whole new shoe wardrobe, but it's true - even he admits that my feet at SQUEEZED into my shoes.  I never realized how uncomfortable wearing too-small shoes all day every day was.  Miserable.  I'll be shoe shopping this weekend - silver lining, for sure.

2. My hair is falling out again.  It is awful.  Remember when I had bump-it hair because of hormones?  No more.  I'm considering knitting a sweater out of the contents of my bathroom floor.  Do you think it would sell on Etsy?

3. Sam has stopped sleeping.  We have moved him to his bedroom, which might be part of the problem, but he is too big for his bassinet.  Almost every night for about two weeks he wakes up between 3 and 4AM wide awake and ready to play.  I've read that this sometimes happens when Mom goes back to work because Baby wants to spend time with her.  That's sweet and all, but... I could do without it.  Anyone else have experiences like this?  What should we do?  I can't really function on no sleep AND work.  Is he ready to cry-it-out?

4. I have eaten Reece Peanut Butter Pumpkins for dinner the last two nights. They are just too darn good.

That's all I've got.  Bye for now!


  1. The hair falling out everywhere is the WORST. But don't worry, eventually it stops (and before you go bald even!). Right now, I have these weird whispy things on my hairline though which I have learned is the typical next stage. It's just delightful.

    Oh and our daughter had the party at 3am stage too, and I'm a SAHM so it may have nothing to do with the going back to work. I would just feed her a bottle and put her back in her crib or rock her until she (FINALLY) went back to sleep. Nowadays she's 8 months and on the rare occasion she does that I just let her fall back to sleep on her own and don't even go in there. Cry it out was hard for me and we just walked her to sleep for a while (until she was about 6 months). Then we let her cry it out (which really the crying only lasted 2 days) and now she puts herself to sleep on her own.

  2. 1. Tell Jeff that he needs to suck it up because your feet will never be the same... and if you have any 7 1/2's I'll take them! haha

    2. You could take the prenatal vitamins and that could help. Pregnancy and the few months afterwards was the only time in my life where I had nice hair.

    3. You will never be able to rely on any routine for any amount of time. Sam is there to remind you of that... in a very sweet way :) Do what works for you. Crying is his only way to let you know he's not happy. He's not hurt and he won't become dysfunctional because of it! He will make sure he lets you know if he likes it or not but he will eventually give in... for a little while until he does his next "phase". It will always be tougher on you!

    4. Good for you! :)

    Love~ Your favorite neighbor xoxo

  3. If you figure out the whole teaching high school and having a new baby thing, will you pass it along to me? I'm due in April, and going back full time in August for next year.... so take copious notes and send them my way. :)

  4. Hey E. Good luck on the shoes!!! With the sleeping, Kane woke up like clock work every night for a few months. Our doctor had us "dream feed" him about 1/2 a hour prior to him waking up. I would slightly lift his head with 1 hand and give him about 5 oz. with the other hand, no burp, then change his diaper. He was in and out of sleep the whole time, but never really awake. It worked for us, hope you find something that works for little Sam!

  5. My feet have TOTALLY changed since having N. I ended up selling most of my shoes at a consignment store to fund my new shoe collection in my new size. ;)

    My hair fell out for MONTHS after N was born. Totally normal and I'd sell it on eBay - weird stuff sells faster on there. ;)

    I echo what Katie said - N did the same thing and we gave her a bottle or I nursed her and usually rocked her until she fell asleep at that age. Exhausting, yes, but I wasn't ready for cry it out yet. We eventually did that when she started to fight bedtime when she was a bit older and it worked. :)

    You eat ALL the chocolate you want. ;)

  6. I totally feel you on the hair. Too add to the glamorous life that is motherhood I now have terrible acne that would put a middle schooler to shame. Bald and greasy? Awesome.


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