Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  As you might have guessed, I had A LOT to be thankful for.  It has been a year full of joy and blessings for us.  (See if you can spot my hidden word "baby" in last year's "I'm Thankful For" post. I'll give you a hint - It's in the feathers.) Yesterday was spent walking in the Roanoke Drumstick Dash and enjoying a big lunch with my family & the Thompsons (our almost family).  Then, we had a second meal with Jeff's family.  We came home full and happy late last night -- and Sam gave us even more to be thankful for when he slept from 10PM - 7:30AM.

And... Even though I cancelled this year's Table Decorating Contest, I still wanted to post some pictures of my mom's beautiful Thanksgiving table - Seriously, any BIT of decorating style I have comes from her.

So today?  I'm NOT braving the crowds for Black Friday shopping (although Jeff just announced that he is - what has happened to us?).  I'm a little disappointed in myself, because I usually LOVE the crazy hustle and bustle of today.  But, I'm just not that into it.  I even got a little overwhelmed this morning when I checked my Blogger Dashboard and saw all the posts about deals today... I'm sure I'm going to miss out on some great prices, but I'm going to clean & decorate for Christmas instead. Anyone else?

Thanks for being my blog family & following my journey over the last year.  I am grateful for YOU and my little spot on the internet.

... Now bring on the carols & lights! 


  1. E - long time blog reader but don't usually comment. Love the blog! Where is the hidden word "baby?" I don't see it????

  2. I opted not to go out to the stores today either. I did go out with my family to the tree farm and get our tree....let the Christmas decorating begin :)

  3. Your sweet baby boy is so cute! I'm a new reader but have enjoyed reading through your posts!


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