Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby's First Christmas (in photos)

Honestly, I've been procrastinating this post because I just don't know how to put into words the last two weeks... But, since it is New Year's Eve and I have all kinds of things up my sleeve to move into 2012 blogging; I figured I needed to just get it up.  Hope you enjoy these photos (and brief explanations) of Baby's First Christmas.

We kicked off the season with Christmas at the Chapman's one week early because Daniel & Jayme were going to be out of town on the 25th. Sam enjoyed hanging with the guys and sitting on his favorite lap (Great-Grandmother). Even Addy and Daisy got to open presents!

On the Thursday before Christmas, we had our annual celebration with the Thompson family. Sam bonded immediately with Emily and had some very deep political conversations with Alex. ;) He also got his very first "Elf on the Shelf." Let the fun begin!

I took ZERO pictures of Christmas Eve... But it was a wonderful day. We spent it at home wrapping last minute gifts and making the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls (delicious).  Then, we went to Jeff's parent's house to celebrate with his mom's side of the family.  This has been Jeff's tradition his whole life, and I've participated for the last TEN Christmases.  It was SO fun to add Sam to the mix this year!

On Christmas morning, we had a quiet morning and did "Santa" just the three of us.  Sam got this great Baby Einstein Exersaucer.  (Which may be as big a gift for us as it is for Sam, since it seems to keep his attention pretty well for 15 minutes at a time.)

Afterwards, my family came over for gift-exchange (Sam was TOTALLY spoiled) and breakfast.  We have always done breakfast on Christmas morning, but this year was different because it was at our house.  It was a little extra work preparing for it, but it was worth it to celebrate Sam's first Christmas at our own house. We missed my Granny's sausage gravy, but has yummy breakfast casseroles and cinnamon buns instead.

Later, we drank mimosas and played our new board game - Logo.  In the afternoon, Jeff's parents came over for more eating, playing, and relaxing.  We (literally) stayed in our pajamas ALL day and ended the night with the movie The Help.  (I love the idea of always getting a new board game and a movie for our family for Christmas that we can enjoy together on Christmas day.  I hope that is a tradition we will continue in the years to come.)

(I REALLY wish I had more photos of Jeff's family.)

On the day after Christmas, we loaded the car (and I mean LOADED) and headed to Northern Virginia to see Aunt Delores and Uncle Richard and more of my dad's family.  Monday night we ate at a favorite Mexican restaurant and had another Christmas gift exchange with D & R.  As usual, they TOTALLY spoiled all of us!  (Seriously, Aunt Delores keeps Sam SO well dressed.)  Then, on Tuesday, my Uncle Richard got a limo-bus from his company and drove us into Maryland to have our annual lunch with my Great Aunt Martha.  Later, we went to Georgetown for shopping... In his true fashion, Sam was a GREAT sport all day.  He LOVES being around lots of people and getting tons of attention! :)

Overall, an EXCELLENT first Christmas!!! 

We'll be home tonight ringing in the new year from our bed. :)  I'll be back tomorrow with a little reflection on 2011 - a big year, indeed.  Happy happy!


  1. I had my first run-in with Elf-on-the-shelf this year. One of my nieces pointed him out, sitting atop a Christmas wreath. She told me I should shake his hand. I played along and shook his hand. Much to my dismay my other niece screamed that I touched the elf and took away all his magic so now he couldn't report to Santa tonight. This was Christmas Eve. What had I done? One family was allowed to shake his hand and the other family was told not to ever TOUCH. What a dilemma I caused. I'm sure it all worked out in the end. I wish the elf was around when Michael was small.Blessings and Happy New Year!

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas was had by all. I love Sam's smocked Elf outfit. So cute!

    Happy 2012!

  3. You look amazing! And Sam's smocked outfits are so precious! Are they homemade or store bought?


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