Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Midweek Confessions

First, you guys are THE BEST!  Thank you for your responses to my last post - "Mommy Questions".  If you haven't already, I definitely suggest going and reading the comments there; it is a day's worth of reading, but there is some good stuff!  I LOVE this little community.  THANK YOU!  (Also, I added my own answers in the comments too - #8 if you are interested.)

Now, here we go again... My favorite part of the week:

- I am on Christmas break this week, but I've taken Sam to the babysitter every day so far to get things done.  Then, I proceeded to walk in circles around my house, drive up and down the highway, wander aimlessly through stores, and be absolutely UNproductive.  Awesome mom. Today I have to finish all my baking, shopping, cleaning, and wrapping because I'm insisting that the rest of the week is strictly PLAY.  (This was probably a good dose of reality about my visions of being a SAHM.)

- I mailed my Christmas cards yesterday. I didn't write one single personal message - just stuff, seal, stamp, send.  (I'm considering a "Hope your holiday was great... Happy New Year" card for next year.)

- My name is Elizabeth, and I'm addicted to super-mom blogs. I think I'm doing really well with not comparing myself, and then I read a blog about babies sleeping 11 hours or being on a perfect schedule, etc. and I start getting all panicky inside about my mothering abilities.  BUT... I can't stop reading these things.  It's like crack.  (Not that I know anything about crack.)

- I haven't been to the gym in MONTHS.  Who has time?

- I let Sam sleep in my bed when he is particularly fussy at night.  I feel guilty about it, but I also kind-of love it.  (It feels good to just get that out there.  Judge away! No, really, don't.)

- I'm not a good cook.  I try, I really do; but everything I make is messy, burned, and not quite hot enough.

Ok, enough about me. What are your confessions?  Grab the button and link-up below!!


  1. As far as the supermoms go, I tend to think one of two things. Either they are lying like crazy and sugarcoating everything, or they are unbelievably blessed with spectacularly well behaved babies. Some of the things they talk about may reflect parenting skill, but if your kid sleeps through the night starting the second she's born and is all smiles and giggles all the time and never cries, it's just dumb luck. In the latter case, I like to imagine two possible scenarios: 1) The supermom will have another child and that child will be a hellion, or 2) Their easygoing, bright-eyed, delightful baby will turn into a particularly difficult, obnoxious, and hateful teenager. And that sounds terrible typing it out, but sometimes hearing people talk about how easygoing and laid back and constantly wonderful their children are just makes me want to scream.

    Well, I guess that's MY Midweek Confession! Haha.

  2. I am totally guilty of letting my little guy sleep in bed with us when he is uber fussy in the middle of the night too....hey, we all sleep better that way!

    No judgies here!!

  3. I <3 your midweek confessions. You are a great mom, and I think you deserve a little "me" time to wander & drive around if you want to. It's healing for the mind & soul :)

  4. Saige slept in our bed for the first 6 months of her life and slept in our room for another 3. If it makes you feel better, North Americans are one of the few cultures {and species for that matter} that don't sleep with their babies. I love the closeness.

  5. I TOTALLY also OD daily on the supermom blogs... I don't have kids yet and I already feel like I don't measure up! But I CAN'T STOP!

  6. I have a gym membership, but I haven't been to the gym since October!

  7. Your confessions made me add a confession to my list today...I haven't been to the gym since I was pregnant with my son...over four years ago! So don't feel so bad about a few months, and don't feel bad if you never go back. Priorities ;)

  8. I haven't gotten back into running since I had P and the thought of losing the last 15 lbs overwhelms me so I just comfort eat =)

    P went to my aunt's on Monday even though I was off so I could start AND finish Xmas shopping.

    I haven't wrapped or baked one thing.

    Moving P from the bassinet in our room to his big boy crib was harder on me than it was on him. (says the girl who was all "my baby isn't sleeping in my room" when I was pregnant)

    Love this and I am trying to be a better commenter instead of just a "lurker"!!!

  9. I always feel bad reading super mom blogs too, but then I remember that most people only put the good stuff out there for most to see =)

  10. My first stop by your blog and in reading "About Me" it sounds like you could be my daughter, we share a lot of the same traits. :o)

    Love your Mid week confessions, what a cute meme.

    Nice to meet you and I'll be stopping by again. Blessings to you for a wonderful Christmas!

  11. What a fun link up! I linked up for the first time. Thanks for hosting.

  12. I let my son sleep in our bed during the fussy times too. We all need our sleep! And, I definitely read about the scheduled, sleeping babies and start wondering what I'm doing wrong.

    New follower!


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