Sunday, February 12, 2012

12 in 12: February Check-In

Hope you all have had a good weekend so far.  We have been home with very little to do - a huge treat!  Since today is February 12th, I'm checking in with my "12 in 12" list for the new year.

When I wrote this list, I recognized that it isn't really something I can "check-off" each month.  It is more about changing some habits and my lifestyle, as well as tackling some larger projects (like 8-11) that will probably take a full year.  As per my usual, I haven't exactly been "on the ball" with making these changes, but I'm feeling good about taking some baby steps. (This year is about balance and showing myself some grace, so baby steps will have to do for now.)

Here's a quick review of the last 30(ish) days...

1 & 2 - Once I got my new iPhone, I downloaded a Bible reading app through YouVersion.  It basically gives me three-four chapters (starting with Genesis and moving through the whole Bible) plus a Psalm to read each day right on my phone.  My "plan" is to do this every morning while I'm feeding Sam and it is quiet and peaceful in his bedroom - one of my favorite times of the day.  Right now, I'm on Genesis Ch. 6.  SO... I'm not exactly on track, but it is a start.

3 & 4 - Um... Well, I also downloaded apps for both of these.  I'm starting with the Couch to 5K running plan - the app costs 99 cents, but it is really cool (or so it seems).  I also have the Weight Watchers mobile app and the food scanner --- SO, when I decide to get serious about this, I'll be all set.  <>  Let's hope for a better report on 3-12-12.

5. I'm happy to say that Sam IS getting on more of a schedule.  This is largely thanks to his wonderful babysitter, but we are doing much better at implementing a routine at home too.  More on this in his 7 month post tomorrow.

6. We DID have a date night on Jan. 30th.  It was a random Monday night and Jeff's brother and sister-in-law kept Sam so that we could sneak out for Mexican food (my favorite) and then we watched a movie at home.  It was very simple, but surprisingly, special.  I'm really looking forward to making this a priority every month.

7.made a weekly chore schedule.  (Should I post this, would anyone care?)  I am doing a much better job at staying on top of basic daily tasks like washing dishes and straightening the house, but I'm still struggling to stay on top of laundry, vacuuming, etc. Baby steps.  Baby steps.

8. In.the.process.  This is probably the area I've made the most progress on so far.  Sad?  Maybe.  Fun? Definitely.

9. I've thought about a book idea.  Does that count for anything?

10. I have lots of ideas for this, and, thanks to Bachelor of the Week and Midweek Confessions, we've had lots of visitors here lately. (Thank YOU for helping with this goal!) Also, have I mentioned that I'm planning to go to the BlogHer conference in August? (Anyone else?)  I have lots of goals for my blog before then and hope to take a lot away from it too.

11. Does taking photos on my iPhone count?  I've done a little better with that.  Here's one of my "improved" photos - courtesy of instagram and two of my favorite guys.

12.  Doing better on most days.  In fact, one day last week I actually saw the sun rise... from MY OFFICE.  Let's just focus on that.

So, sorry if this is the most boring post ever.  It is really more for me than anyone else.  BUT, hopefully it has reminded you of some of your goals for 2012.  How are you doing so far?

P.S. Can you BELIEVE it is the middle of February already?


  1. Sometimes I wish having there was a "motivation" app on my iPhone! Maybe it could motivate me to use my calorie counter, fitness tracker, to-do list "checker" and recipe builder...I would feel pretty accomplished! ha!! I just keep downloading more apps to try to motivate me!! ahahah...ok maybe this was a little exaggerating...maybe.

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm starting a new Bible plan on YouVersion, too. I guess it's pretty revealing that I can so easily ignore the YouVersion reminder to read my plan in favor of checking Twitter, FB, and blogs for the 830th time...ugh. Hopefully this month we will BOTH find success in that area! OK, you should consider the myfitnesspal app/webpage. WW sounds way too complicated for my feeble brain. Plus, we could be 'buddies' on MFP (somehow?? I don't actually HAVE any buddies yet...but you could be my first!) and provide motivation!

  3. I love that You Version app. I started late, too, around January 12? But have been reading consistently since then. Daily. I didn't choose the regular plan, i chose the chronological one. So i read some of Genesis, then Job, then the rest of Genesis & now they have me reading Exodus. I'm not looking forward to Leviticus... haha!

    I love the My Net Diary app, if you have a scanner to help you track your food, it helps SO MUCH! The iPhone is awesome. :)

  4. Sam look so much like you AND jeff in that picture! So cute! And great to see Poppy make another blog appearance too :)

  5. Yes please with the chore chart! I'm always looking for ideas and struggle with the same chores as you.


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