Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Letters

I saw this on a few other blogs today and thought it was cute (and easy), so I'm giving it a try.  I promise I'll have some "content" soon. :)

Dear Blog,
Sorry for being a dead beat parent this week.

Dear House,
Really? Would it be too much to ask of you to stay neat and tidy for ONE week? 

Dear Spring Break,
You went WAY too fast.  I love you, but you are a little bit of a tease for summer break.

Dear Summer Break,
Hurry up!

Dear Self Tanner,
Is there a reason why you hate me?  Why you only stick to one lovely spot on my ankle and NO WHERE else?

Dear Sam's Fangs,
We've been patient long enough, and even accepted the fact that you make my son look like a freak-of-nature, come IN already.

Dear Children's Tylenol,
I love you as much as I love chick-fil-a and my husband.

Dear Weekend,
Come on in and make yourself comfy.  Stick around for a while, k?



  1. I'm so with you about the self tanner and we're just entering the 'teething stage' with Gabe - oy vey! Have you heard of those baltic amber teething necklaces for babiees? the moms around here swear by them so I broke down ordered one... I'll let you know how if it's worth the $20. I wish my parents purchased stocks in infant tylenol #goldmine.

  2. I am playing catch up this am quickly. This is really cute, and I think it's clever content.


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