Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nine Months + Baby's First Easter (A little late and a lot of pictures)

I started this post over a week ago... It is a little "outdated" now, but I still want to get this stuff documented (since his baby book is pretty much non-existent).  So... we'll move ahead....

Another month and it just keeps getting better and better.  From what I hear, I'll keep saying that for the next ten years, at which point things begin to get progressively worse and worse for another ten years until - Lord willing - it finally starts to get better again. ;)  Either way, let's focus on the here and now...

Friday the 13th was Sam's nine month birthday.  As someone put it, that means he's been out as long as he was in (which isn't technically true, but still interesting to think about).  This month has been so good.  Sam is so fun and full of personality.  I love watching him meet milestones and grow up and develop into a little boy with a mind and spirit of his own.  I feel like every single day he is doing and learning something different.  I LOVE it.

Here's the update:

Size:  At his nine month appointment, Sam weighed 20 pounds and 2 ounces.  That's down a little bit from my eight month estimate, but the doctor said it is pretty normal for babies to lose some weight and/or slow down on gaining at this stage because they are eating more solid food and less milk and moving a lot more.  Makes sense.  He was 28 inches long putting him in the 50th percentile for both height and weight again.  His head continues to be in the 90th percentile.  My big brain boy.  He is still wearing size four diapers and mostly 12 month clothes.  Not much change since eight months, except he doesn't fit in ANY of his footsie pjs anymore.  Once Upon a Child, here I come!

Development: Probably the biggest milestone this month has been watching Sam move around the house like a champ.  His "crawling" isn't much in terms of technique, but his execution is superb.  He gets wherever he wants to go; including, as recently discovered, up a step or two if the situation calls for it. He is so curious, wiggly, and in to everything.  Changing his diaper and giving a bath are a two-man job these days!

Sam is trying to pull up on everything, but not quite to a standing position yet. *Edited to add: TODAY (4/21) he officially pulled himself to standing on several occasions - including twice in the crib.  He has not figured out how to get down yet; however, so we have a few new bumps and bruises now.  He still loves to stand, and his legs are super strong.  He can even balance on his own for a few seconds if we let him.  He also loves "walking" around with us holding his hands.  I wonder how long it will be now... I'm in no hurry!

He makes all sorts of noises like "BaBaBaBa" and "MaMaMaMa," but I don't think he recognizes them to mean anything just yet.  I am so anxious to hear what his first word will be - I really want it to be something cool like "dog" instead of just "DaDa," but I'll be proud either way.

Personality: Sam is happy and playful and LOVES attention (I have no idea where he gets that). He is easily adapted to schedule changes etc. and easy to take out - whether it is a restaurant, the mall, or just running errands.  We even traveled just the two of us this past month and he did great.  I was proud as a peacock of my "good boy."  We deserve it after a few rough months at the beginning (right?) 

That said, I think we are going to have our hands full as he gets older.  He definitely has a feisty side and keeps us on our toes.  He has also discovered his lungs and LOVES to scream when he is mad/bored. 

Likes/Dislikes: Sam loves Addy and really wants to get his hands (and mouth) on her toys.  (Oh how the roles have reversed.)   He loves going to his grandmas' houses and seeing his friends and babysitter Miss Rita every morning - which makes it SO much easier to leave him for work.  And, his favorite toy these days is the Vtech Learning Walker - it keeps him entertained for about 15 minutes at a time (which is major)!

He does not like laying on his back - even just for a diaper or outfit change - AT ALL.  Also not a fan of socks, having is face wiped, or being buckled in to his carseat, high chair, etc.  (Once he is in, he's usually just fine.)

Food: Eating is going well.  We are transitioning to more solid food and less milk.  The main change is that we are trying to give him solids first and then milk.  When we do that, he eats A LOT.  I've hardly given him anything he doesn't really like (maybe blueberries?), and he especially likes to feed himself.  This month we have tried macaroni and cheese, chicken, waffles (not together), cottage cheese, american cheese, berries, etc. *The pediatrician has ordered that we give him "whatever we are eating except for nuts," but the problem with that is - I don't really cook and we eat way too much junk.  I'm working on that... We are also practicing drinking from a cup - so far, only water - and he's actually pretty good.

Sleep: No comment. ;)

In all seriousness, poor guy has actually had a double ear infection for most of the month.  We went through one round of antibiotics and thought he was better, then after weeks of waking up screaming at night - we went back only to find that it had gotten worse.  He never really complained during the day, but I think laying on his back at night made it worse. So... One step forward, two steps back.  We had made a little progress with the Ferber method, but are on pause right now until we get these ears figured out.  Mama is tired, but I'm trying to be patient.  One day we will sleep again. :)

And now... A few photos from Baby's First Easter:
Easter basket from "the bunny."  Cards from Gigi and Aunt Delores.

Opening his treats with a very interested sister-dog.

With great-grandmother Barnhart outside of church.

Easter loot from Gigi and Bear.  (SO spoiled.)

"Walking' with mom and dad.  I love this picture!

My boys at Easter lunch.
(Sam's Easter outfit courtesy of GiGi via Toad'ly Kids in Roanoke.)

Have a great weekend - updates on my big acting debut coming soon!  (For real.)


  1. He is so adorable! love that last picture with his daddy.

  2. He made Easter Day!!! cannot wait for the next family function!! Memorial Day??? love love him so much!!

  3. He is precious (and looks so much like his mama!!)

  4. What a cutie! I love his big gummy grin. How many teeth does he have?

  5. love sam's easter outfit. i think my mom used to shop for my sisters and me at toadly kids!


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