Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kathryn's Birthday & the Winner

Good morning.  Today is Tuesday, May 8th, and it is my sister's 26th birthday.  Happy Birthday Girl!  She's been reminding us about her birthday for approximately three weeks now and I would get it if I didn't mention it here; so, this post is clearly obligatory. ;)  Just kidding Kat.  Hope your birthday is wonderful. I'm proud to have known and loved you for the last 26 years.  Thanks for keeping me semi-cool and trendy. Here's to MANY more birthdays together!!  I love you!

This cracked me up, and Kathryn will think it is perfectly appropriate from me.
And now... We will completely shift gears (ha) and announce the winner of my Room to Romp giveaway...

Got lazy and took a screen shot from my phone this morning.
Congratulations Allie! 
I hope your little guy will enjoy his elephant romper as much as mine has!!  (I replied to your comment on the original post, but I can't find an email address... Be sure to email me to claim your prize!)

Thanks to everyone who entered; and, don't forget you can still get free domestic shipping with coupon code EMIFREESHIP in the shop right here!

See you tomorrow for more Midweek Confessions... There's always plenty to go around!

P.S. Lea, I totally would have "picked you" if that wouldn't have been completely CHEATING. ;)


  1. aren't younger sisters the best? mine always sizes me up when I walk into the room like I'm some model on Project Runway... more often than not my outfit does not got the Becca stamp of approval.

  2. It's my little sister's birthday today too :)

  3. HA I of course admire your integrity by not cheating. Integrity does not help my son obtain cute clothes though... Maybe next time ;) talk to you soon and happy bday Kathryn!!


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