Friday, May 18, 2012

A Letter to New Moms from AP

When Elizabeth asked me to participate in her guest series "A Letter To New Moms" not only was I absolutely flattered but I had to laugh a little because, let's face it, I have no idea what I'm doing. Even twenty-one months into motherhood with a second on the way (a second? who let me have another child?!) there are many, many days when I find myself both laughing and crying at what a beautiful mess my Motherhood Career has been thus far. The good news? We've made it nearly twenty-two months without seeing the inside of an ER and as of today, it looks like my child won't need therapy later in his adult life. I have to remind myself, it's only Friday though.

You'll quickly learn I'm all about the little accomplishments and a lot of laughter, New Mom. Remember that. Without further a 'do, here goes. You're in for a wild ride. 

Dear New Mom,  

  I know. I can't believe they let you leave the hospital with a brand spanking new baby either, with no more than a few printed sheets of paper, a half-deflated congratulatory mylar balloon and hope and a prayer. 

  The good news is? You won't break the baby and you will survive. In fact, there's this crazy little thing called Mom-Nesia that usually sets in during those first six weeks of your newborn's life that I firmly believe is in place so that the human race doesn't eventually die off. Because if we could all recall those first six weeks? I'm fairly certain there would be a lot of only children in this world.

  Congratulations, New Mom and welcome to the hardest yet most rewarding "job" you'll ever have in your entire life. The good news is that being a Mom is likely the easiest job you'll ever have. Now, I didn't say it won't be exhausting or emotionally and physically draining but you'll soon note, it's pretty darn easy. In fact, it's all of the other "stuff" that makes it difficult. 

  You'll be surprised at how quickly that "mothering instinct," the one you may have never thought you had, suddenly kicks in. It kicks in about as quickly as do your Mom Claws but that's a letter for a whole other post. But like I said, being a Mom is simple. Being the one thing your brand new baby needs? Comes much more naturally than you'll anticipate. It's the rest of life that becomes difficult. 

   The laundry. The cooking. The cleaning. Self-hygiene. I'm here to tell you that it's OK. Eventually you'll find contentment in the little accomplishments. One load of laundry every couple of days is no big deal, even if it had to cycle through the dryer four times. And if you manage to fold it and put it away? You deserve a trophy. A really, really big one.

  You'll soon learn how creative you can be when it comes to taking a shower and just how much "baby crap" you can fit in that too-small bathroom of yours to enable you to do so. I'm talking the bouncy baby chair, the crib mobile, two blankies, a change of clothes, seven pacifiers and your 110lb sheepdog. Oh, you don't have a sheepdog? Sorry, that must've been me I was referring to. 

  I failed to mention this will only allow for a five minute shower. During which you will be singing "The ABC's" at the top of your lungs. 

  Speaking of self-hygiene, don't be surprised if it falls by the wayside during those first few weeks. You'll soon consider your day a raging success if you find time to brush your teeth. You'll absolutely blow your mind when you can sneak in a 5 minute shower. You suddenly won't care so much anymore if you don't have time to deep condition. The only one who sees you all day is the baby anyway, and believe me, he doesn't care how soft and silky smooth your hair is.

  Don't be surprised at how little sleep you'll soon need to function either. It will likely be slightly reminiscent of your college days, minus the binge drinking and fraternity parties. But remember how you could party all night and still make it to your 8am class with some semblance of order and matching clothes? That's kind of like how motherhood is. Although some days, your clothes won't match. Just be prepared. 

  You'll get really crafty doing things with one hand and even your feet at times. You'll leave the house thinking you're prepared for a quick trip to the store and likely return three times before actually embarking on your destination because you forgot something or the baby needs to be fed. Again. 

  Spit-up or some other newborn bodily fluid will become your newest accessory. In the beginning, it will gross you out but as time wears on, you'll simply lick your fingers, dab at the stain and upon realizing it ain't going to disappear anytime soon, proudly sport your new "mom-badge" because you simply cannot venture back into the house one. more. time. to change your clothes. Remember, your laundry is sitting in the dryer, waiting to be dried for the fourth cycle.

  And in no time, New Mom, you'll look back at those first six weeks and wonder why you were so worried in the first place. Soon enough you'll have your proverbial New Mom Sh*t together... enough... and all the other Really New Moms will look at you with envy wondering just how you do it and do it so well. 

  And you'll recognize that look, smile at them and reassure them that it will all be OK. 

  And twenty-two months down the road, you'll find yourself sharing all that you've learned on a friend's blog in a Letter to New Moms.

  Good luck, God speed and don't forget to laugh at yourself. 

  Love always,


AP is the blogger behind one of my favorite daily reads, I Love You More Than Carrots.  She is relatable, real, and just plain hilarious.  She is also the proud mama to that adorable little blonde, Carter, and is expecting baby boy #2 very soon.  Thanks girl for your words of wisdom! ;)

And friends, don't forget the link-up I'm hosting right here on Sunday!  See you then.  TGIF!!!!


  1. Love this post!! All too true AP ;)

  2. Wait just one second---did you enter our home this morning and observe my shower routine? Your description sounds a little too familiar... Great letter!! :)

    1. I know that routine all too well! ;) I should probably start compiling my "bathroom baby stash" now while I still maintain some sort of sanity!

  3. AP, I loved experiencing first-time mamahood side-by-side with you! Such a great letter. I hereby instruct you to print it off and mail it to yourself on the way to the hospital :)

    1. Can't I just text you for the reminder? ;) No doubt I am sure to forget it all in four weeks! Love you, friend!

  4. No lie, I am here with big ole' tears streaming down my face. Absolutely beautiful writing as always, AP. This new mom who is a month away from meeting her babe appreciates every. single. word. :)

    With love always xoxo Trishy

    1. Aww, Mama! Thanks so much.. You're going to rock the pink and green pants off of motherhood! I have zero doubts and you know I'll be awake with you during those wee hours of the morning- im only one little email away! ;) xxoo!!

  5. I'm 12 weeks pregnant, and this has been my favorite post so far as a soon-to-be mom :) Great letter!

    1. Congratulations!! And thank you so much!

  6. Absolutely one hundred percent fabulous AP!!!! And great link up idea Elizabeth!

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mama! xxoo

  7. LOVED THIS! The part about singing the ABC's in the 5 minute shower made me laugh out loud! Definitely have done that...along with other songs. But mostly, I have just given up on showering. Overrated. ;) I am a new follower of AP! Awesome post!


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