Thursday, May 10, 2012

My New Favorite Spring Cardigan

Talk about adding a little sunshine to your life... The cardigan, I mean, not my smiling face...

A few weeks ago, Fresh Produce contacted me about reviewing an item from their new spring/summer clothing line.  I admit that my first thought was, "I think that's the company that makes frumpy 'mom' clothes out of wrinkly linen and sweatpant material."  BUT, my second thought was, "Free clothes? Yes please!"  So... I visited the website and was THRILLED with what I found...

Fresh Produce has really stepped it up over the years.  Today they make comfortable clothes for moms (and other women, of course) that are also fashionable.  Seriously, I had a hard time choosing just one item to review...

In the end, I went with the Standing Ovation Cardigan in Daffodil.  And, I'm not lying folks, I LOVE it.  In the two weeks that I've owned this beauty, I've worn in at least five times and every time I get TONS of compliments on it.  The color is fun.  The style is flattering (side note: the first time I wore it, my mom said "you should wear that style all the time" as she looked at how it covered my butt & thighs.  Uhh... thanks?).  And, this thing is amazingly comfortable.   Plus, it works with so many things.  I've already tried it out with skinny pants, jeans, and white pants (as shown above).  I also really like belting it for a different look (which you can kind-of see in the second photo up there). It is, for sure, my new favorite spring/summer cardigan.

Not me. ;)

Are you in love yet? Go get one for yourself here - afterall, it is almost Mother's Day. (There are lots of other colors to choose from too; you know, in case you aren't in to stopping traffic or being seen in the dark.)  And, while you're at it, check out their other great selections of Women's Cardigans, Lightweight Cardigans, or Casual Tops.

Yea, yea, I got it free so I had to say something nice right? Probably true (just keeping it real).  But, I really do LOVE this thing.  Fresh Produce definitely earned a new client in me. I wouldn't lie to you. Promise.
P.S. Even though I've worn this A LOT (in fact, the exact same outfit last week only with a different tank & a belt -- no shame), I never had my camera (or a photographer) around - go figure. So, the above photos are taken (begrudgingly) by my husband on our street before I left for work this morning in true "I think I'm a model/fashion blogger" style.  Jeff kept looking around to see if anyone could see us... hilarious. Don't worry, I'm not quitting my day job any time soon. ;)


  1. cracking up at your PS.

    I love it! Especially the color for spring time.

  2. I have a couple of sweaters in this style but nothing from Fresh Produce. I am going to check them out. It looks gorgeous and comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

    PS You look happy.

  3. So cute! I'd love something to cover my (growing) hips.
    You look too cute in your spring duds.

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  5. That is the cutest sweater. I really love sweaters like that because it covers my bad side :)..BTW.. You look great and really relaxed for SOL week! Miss you sweetie!

  6. Wow, I LOVE that sweater! It's the perfect pop of color and looks great with grey!

  7. Wanted to say Hi from a fellow blogger (NC here!) You look very pretty! Enjoy your blog-- I have 3 young kids.

  8. ummm that looks amazing on you! I'm not only jealous that you can pull off wearing yellow and that you got the standing "o" sweater for free, but the fact you have a baby and your white pants are still white?! Talk about impressive. P.S. - love the stripe shirt, of course. I think I need a blog redesign to reflect my infatuation with horizontal lines. But that's besides the point, you're one hot mamma!

  9. you are adorable. just as stylish and beautiful as any fashion blogger i've ever seen! Tell Jeff he might need to start doing this more regularly :-)

  10. This color looks amazing on you!

  11. I have a few similar cardigans and they are my favorites...flattering and SO comfy!

  12. LOVE the cardi, and I must say-- I like the way you 'styled' it better than the model. She's all shaggy've got it goin' on, girl!


    I love your blog and I am both a classroom teacher and a wanna- be blogger:) Love any advice!


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