Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's Be Shallow and Talk about the Bachelorette

First... I'm totally going to get fashion glasses.  I have a strict budget of only $20.00 though... So, it may take me a while to find the perfect pair.  (Obviously, I need them before the first day of school so my students don't know they are fake - haha.)  I'll post pictures (of course) when I find them. Thanks for your good advice and opinions.

Now, onto the real topic at hand today.... The Bachelorette.
I guess if you aren't into shallow conversation and a little bit of "trash tv", you might want to skip this post.  I'll come back tomorrow to air my own dirty laundry.  Don't worry. ;)

So... I'm totally into The Bachelorette. Seriously, I look forward to Monday nights every weekend - how thoughtful of ABC to give us a "silver lining" to the worst day of the week.  I did NOT like Emily going into the season, but she has really impressed me.  I'm still not quite sure about the "beliefs" and "faith" she sometimes mentions; but, I do respect her as a mom and I think she's a good example of a strong, independent woman that still appreciates romance and being "taken care of."

I usually consider the "overnight date" night as the true test of character, and she passed.  What did you think?  How much did you absolutely fall in love with Jef when he turned her down out of respect for little Ricki and his family?  I'm a sucker for morality! Haha! I'm also pretty positive she told Ari ahead of time that she was going to not offer the "key" to him - I mean, clearly, he knew that's what normally happens at this point in the game.  I thought it was a noble decision though - I probably couldn't have resisted myself with him either. ;)  On that note, I did think it was a little tricky that she always waited to see what the guys said about the card first even though she already knew what she was going to do... We women - always wanting to be desired!!

I happen to already know who wins.  (Well, I think I do and now I've got a 50/50 chance of being right) because my sister reads cheater websites and told me without even so much as a "spoiler alert." I won't ruin it for you though. It's safe to read on.


Honestly, I would have been happy with any of the final three (which I can't say on most seasons). Sean broke my heart last night.  That line about "When she walked in the room tonight, I honestly thought - that's my wife" - I die! Lucky for him, there are probably about 10 million girls dying to be his wife now.  The next Bachelor? You think?

Arie is super cute.  I mean, obviously in the physical sense, but his personality is cute too.  I loved the little outtakes at the end of last night's episode.  I feel like he is real, and I appreciate that.  I'm not so sure that his "lifestyle" is ready for the gigantic change that a wife and six-year old would bring; but, whatever.

Jef has had to grow on me.  I NEVER would have put him in the final three at the beginning... But, he totally won his way into my heart with the puppets (so corny, but adorable) and sealed the deal with the letter on the hometown visit.  Plus, what girl could turn down that family ranch? (I told you this was going to be shallow.)  I think he's going to rock meeting Ricki.  BUT, all that said, I just don't see he and Emily together.  What do you think? (For those of you that know me in real life, he totally reminds me of Kathryn's old boyfriend Dustin - don't you agree?)

AND... Can we really end this post without discussing Emily's amazing body and awesome clothes?  I'm sure I will look that way by the time Sam turns six.  Everyone gets skinnier, tanner, bigger boobs, and better clothes after having kids - right? ;) She really is beautiful though  I've decided a cross between Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson.  Honestly, I think she is the prettiest without all the make-up and fancy dresses - like when she is on the beach, but I wouldn't turn down a couple of those fancy gowns either. All that said, I'd like to see a size 10 Bachelorette with freckles and frizzy hair next time.  Do you think all the guys would fall in love with her

Alright, enough fluff for one day.  (I'm totally procrastinating actually sitting down to write all the things I've been thinking about this week as my baby gets ready to turn one.  Ridiculous!!)

Please share your very deep and important thoughts on The Bachelorette.  :)


  1. I loved Emily's sequin skirt last night!!! It was so elegant!! I can't believe she let Sean go...BUT now that you mentioned the Bachelor...he would make a great Bachelor!!!

  2. I have never watched these bachelor/bachelorette shows before this season but I am hooked. :) Your "shallow post" is right up my ally.

    I love Jef. There is something about Arie that doesn't sit right... and he confirmed it with his lifestyle insights last night. Don't get me wrong, they all three were pretty great guys and I don't really care too much about who wins because none of them are huge jerks, but Sean was my #3 choice so I wasn't sad to see him go.

    I would LOVE to see a size 10 girl with frizzy hair be on here! Or maybe a girl that isn't so "American"? But like I said, I haven't watched the show before so maybe I'm making assumptions.

  3. I was NOT a fan of Emily until about a 1/4 way through this season. I feel differently about her now. However, that being said--I'm nervous as heck for the finale b/c it looks like she breaks all their hearts?!? (but ABC is the master of EDITS). Also, I dont' like Arie as much as everyone else. I mean, the way he talks about waking up at 9am and going to dinner with friends every night...CLEARLY it will be a rude awakening to have a kid. I think it'll be awfully hard. That kind of made me feel like "meh..he needs to grow up more". I am a major Jef fan. Since day 1 actually. He has an awesome business that impacts the world and he's sweet & genuine. I love his style and everything about him. I have been scouring cheater websites and cannot find anything that says who is OFFICIALLY the winner other than one little blip of "We saw these two together" and I have no idea if it can be trusted.

    That being said...

    I obviously like the show...I will always watch it. That's just how I am. Haters gonna hate.

  4. I think Emily sent her best shot at a successful relationship packing last night. Although I do think Sean would make a great bachelor, I just felt like they were the ones who would have fit the best in real life. I agree that Arie would be in for a rough lifestyle change, and something about Jef has just annoyed me from the beginning. Although at this point I guess I'm hoping he wins since I think Emily would have a better chance with him long term. Sigh...why don't they ever pick the one I think they should?

  5. Yes, the Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure too. I LOVE Emily as the Bachelorette and I am addicted to this season. I have to say that like Mollyanne, Jef has also annoyed me a bit since the beginning. I think it was the one date where he wore those socks? Emily is so in love with Arie. It doesn't matter that there are a final three! She has been in love (or lust) with him since the beginning!

    Whew, thanks for giving me room to air my Bachelorette ideas on your cute blog as none of my friends watch the show!!! Haha.

  6. I'm not a huge Arie fan, just seems like he's does not lead the kind of lifestyle that would mesh well with Emily & Ricky. He's gone lots for work too, which is going to make things harder. I think Emily is a huge fan of his though, and will pick him in the end. Best all around guy this season I think was Sean.

  7. Have you looked at Zenni Optical for glasses? That is where I get my real glasses (that I never wear, hehe) but I'm sure you could order a pair without prescriptions in them. They are super cheap and they have a TON of different styles.

  8. So - I'm like the only person in the world who isn't watching this season....but I actually really despise Emily - however, I have been hearing rumors that she ends up with Chris Harrison. Do you think that could be true? What a ride that would be!!!

    1. ohhh....the drama.... :) He is getting divorced! So maybe...

  9. Ughhh...not the biggest Arie fan. Although I can totally see her picking him. I LOVED Sean! But I am actually a huge Jef fan...I like the sort of quirky guys, and he is totally that. I'm going to be so sad if he doesn't get picked!

  10. Being a single mom myself, guys like Arie are red flags for me. He's not ready to take on the responsiblility of being a father. As much as I have started to like and enjoy Emily I can't help but think if you took her looks away who would REALLY still be in love with her?? Sean was definitely my choice for her but maybe I'll go try and find him since she let him go (thanks Emily) :) And like the other girls Jef has always been a bit weird and annoying for my liking.

  11. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote down. Jeff got my vote when he vetoed HER to the fantasy suite. Arie seems too smooth for me, too much of a bad boy. And the Texan is cute but seems too nervous. She needs someone that can let loose. (because I know her so well!)

    Random: Why can't the fantasy suite be a room with fat pants and lots of desserts instead of a hotel room? Now THAT would be a REAL fantasy suite!

    1. Hahah...Ashley, I love your random! :) Now that would be a fantasy suite in my book. :)

  12. I like Emily alright....and although she is VERY pretty...I can't get past her big veneer teeth. Ok, enough. I'll play nice. I love Jef. I think he is super cute and really does care for her. I loved the corny puppet show too. There is something about Ari that irks me. He is too smooth or something. I feel as if he has a few skeletons in there....

    I am so excited for the finale.... ABC's preview makes it look like she doesn't choose any of them. :/

  13. We did a poll here on who would win and I placed money on Jef from day 1. There's just something about him that you can't get passed. I think Arie is the obvious choice, which is why my instinct is still with Jef all the way! Now bring on Bachelor Pad!!!!

    Defining Tabitha


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