Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Midweek Confessions on the 4th of July

First, Happy Fourth of July!
Lots of free holiday printables at Tip Junkie. (Photo from Pinterest.)
This isn't going to be patriotic at all.  I'm not really sure how I could make confessions patriotic (except to admit that I can't imagine ever having the time or energy to print and frame art for the Fourth of July), but I'm feeling a little guilty about not - somehow - doing it.  If you're lucky, I might come back later and post photos of my new red and blue striped dress baby dressed in red, white, and blue.  Stay tuned.  Regardless, there is still plenty of confessing to be done... I hope you'll join me and be FREE.  (There, I did it.  Haha!)

- I have gained almost four pounds since I stopped breastfeeding completely about two months ago.  The glory days are over friends. (On the bright side, I'm weighing in at fifty pounds lighter than this time last year... That counts for something, right?!?)

- Yesterday, I ate lunch with a friend at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  Afterwards, I promptly walked myself across the parking lot (literally) and cancelled our gym membership.  Ironic?  According to their records, I had been a member there since 2004.  (And, according to my records, I had not actually been to the gym regularly since about 2008.  Sad, but true.) *See above point.

- One of the primary reasons I included the last confession was to tell my mom that I've quit the gym.  She will be so mad at me, and I thought reading it on my blog with 600 strangers would work out better. ;)

- I absolutely HATE spending money on "necessary" items like undergarments, socks, make-up, etc. I just can't stand the idea of spending $50+ on something hardly anyone will see.  So... I continue to wear the same hideous "necessaries" every day.

- I'm going a little overboard on Sam's birthday party.  It's not going to be over the top (I promise), but I'm already feeling guilty because of this post (which was only partly sincere people).  Of course, I'm also feeling totally obsessed and excited too.

- I'm creeped out by the fact that I can see Sam's brain working through his soft spot.  Like, seriously creeped out.

Alright... What can you confess today?  Join the party, won't you?!?!


  1. I absolutely hate spending A lot of money on undergarments. Have you tried places other than VS for bras? I get mine from JC Penny. Even when they're not on sale they're cheaper than VS. I usually wait for a sale, then you may be able to get them for as low as $18. And I think they're decent quality.

  2. I just started following your blog after finding your classroom organization tips on Pinterest. You are seriously hilarious! I'm new to blogging, but linked above.

  3. I am totally with you on spending money on undergarments. Don't get me wrong I LOVE getting new underthingies, but HATE spending the money on it. Why does such a small piece of fabric have to cost so much money?

    Defining Tabitha

  4. I hate spending money on those things too! Especially bra's. I actually FINALLY broke down & bought two today, but ended up getting four b/c they were buy 2 get 2 free! Score!! I don't think i have ever had four good bra's all at once! Usually i have just one!

  5. Definitely LOLed at the thought of you getting nice and full of Mexican, and then waltzing into the gym to cancel. There's a Mexican restaurant sharing the parking lot with my gym, too. I imagine it's a mutually beneficial relationship, normally. People feel guilty after eating and go work out...or people feel great about working out and celebrate with some margs and queso! Ha. (I'm in the 2nd group) Also, I pretty much gave up on buying staples at VS (unless it's at the semi-annual sale, or I have a gift card). I've seriously been just as satisfied with what I can find (for waaaaay cheaper) at Target. Even if it doesn't last as long...who cares, it costs a fraction of the price.

  6. I'm with you on the undergarment stuff. With 4 kids my husband barely even sees it - no point anymore AND makeup who has time to wear makeup anymore. Thanks for sharing.

  7. yep same here. I hate having to make those purchases!

    Totally agree on the pulse in the soft spot. very freaky!

  8. You look great, don't be ridiculous!

  9. eW! I can see my 9 month old's brain too!! I HATE THAT!

  10. Yeah, that whole brain thing freaks me out, too. Glad I'm not the only one!

  11. I buy Genie bras from Target ($20 for 3) and classic Fruit of the Looms at Wal-Mart. Shop the big box stores, spend less and save the difference for a margarita. Or new shoes. Or a fun bag. :)


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