Friday, July 13, 2012

My Wishes for You on Your Very First Birthday

Dear Sam,

Every day now you are becoming more a little boy and less of a baby.  (Thank goodness for your bald head - it's just the right amount of baby to keep Mommy happy.) When I look at your precious smile and your big blue eyes, I see a future FULL of laughter and adventure and love; and, although I wish I could slow time just a little bit, I am SO excited to hold your hand as you take those first wobbly steps and, when you are strong and ready, let you go to walk alone...

You didn't get to blow out any candles at your party last night - call it my "motherly instinct," but I didn't think fire on a smash cake was a good idea.  So instead, I thought I'd share some of my wishes for you on your very first birthday....

Know that you belong to Jesus; and, be known for your love for people.

Be strong, but gentle and kind.

Love being at home; but, don't be afraid to leave it when the time is right.

Never get too old to throw your head back and snort when you belly laugh like you do right now.

Read good books every single day.

Let your hair get too long (it's taking its time getting here, and it won't stay forever - feel free to remind me of that when I start complaining that it is in your eyes.)

Respect girls, pray for your wife, and remember that your mom was your first love.

Continue to smile at strangers.  (But be careful with this and girls as you get older.)

Hold the door for old people, pregnant women, moms w/ babies, actually - just hold it for everyone.

Dance (preferably, like your daddy).

Work hard - in school, on the sports field, at your job - but don't be defined by your performance.

Know how much you are loved and how much joy you have brought to so many people.

Sam, the last year has changed me...  I am better because of you. 

I love you more than I ever knew I could!

Happy First Birthday, Sweet Boy!

First birthday photo shoot by HoweCaptivate.  (Look for party pictures and details on Monday.)


  1. Beautiful post (and beautiful pictures)!! :)

  2. Such a beautiful tribute to an adorable young boy and his mommy. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures too.

  3. Ok, so this post is completely overwhelming. So much cute. So much beauty. Most of all, so much love. There is no doubt that your family is overflowing with love. All three of you are lucky to have each other. What an incredible love letter to Sam. He is one blessed little boy!

  4. Amazing :)


  5. Oh wow! How sweet!!!! I love the first pictures, the balloons look like a heart. Hsppy birthday Sam!!

  6. You have a beautiful family...luv everything abt the photoshoot. Can't wait to see the party pics! I know 4 sure it will be a labor of ur love!

  7. So sweet! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. I love this post.

    (and your pictures are amazing! The one with your pup is soooo cute!)

  9. I love this!! So beautiful!

  10. This is such a beautiful post!!! There is no doubt that he is loved!! I love his pictures & Sam is quite a cutie pie!!! I can't wait to see pictures of him eating the smash cake...THOSE are my favorite!! Ha!!

  11. Elizabeth, What a beautiful birtday letter to Sam. The photos of Sam and his Mom and Dad are GREAT!!! My fav was the one with his head back laughing and showing his teeth..:):)
    Love you lots,
    Auntie Delores

  12. LOVE the photos! Especially the one of Sam in the air! Those are some of my favorite pictures of Parker too! I've had to learn to love "the action shot" with boys! Happy Birthday, Sam!

  13. Oh what sweet, sweet pictures! What awesome memories to have on this special event. Turning 1 is so much fun :)

  14. These pictures are SO good. I love them all!!! :) Happy birthday, Sam!

  15. Simply beautiful. Hope Sam's first birthday was as perfect as this letter and these photos!

  16. E- this just made me cry. What a beautiful letter to Sam! I also loved all the great photos. Hope it was a perfect day. Miss you


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