Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Midweek Confessions

It's been a few weeks since we had a confessions link-up, and I'm needing some proof that I'm not the only hot mess out there; so, I'll start...
- Yesterday, Sam and I had one of those massive trips to the grocery store.  (The kind where it looks like you are feeding an orphanage, but really you just haven't been shopping in weeks.)  So, for the first time ever, the bagger offered to help me out to my car.  (There was no longer any room in the cart for my child, and I guess he sensed that I wouldn't be the most graceful person managing both with only two arms.)  Anyway, I obliged (feeling a little like a diva), and out we went.  The problem, however, is that I couldn't find my car.   I led that poor man all over the darn parking lot until, finally, someone called out my name and pointed to my car.  It was two of my co-workers from my old school, standing right next to my little Toyota.  THEN, as if I wasn't already mortified enough, they volunteered to help me unload my groceries (I can't imagine I looked at all frazzled at this point), and when I opened my trunk it was literally JAM packed.  (I forgot that I had tons of stuff for Goodwill in it.)  Fail.  We had to STUFF groceries all over the front seat and, literally, on top of Sam in the carseat.  Nothing says "I'm adjusting great to my new job and totally have myself together now that I'm only teaching part-time" like an encounter like that. (And we won't even mention the fact that I was also in dirty sweatpants and my "fashion glasses.")

- Our Kroger card might be on a shared account with Jeff's parents, and I might grocery shop on Tuesdays to get the Senior Citizen discount. I might also secretly love shopping with all the little old ladies and grumpy old men.

- I bought Sam all-natural "Buddy Fruit" chews that were on sale because they seemed healthy and delicious.  I have already eaten three of the four baggies in the package.
- I also bought myself a package of Twizzlers, which I forgot to hide before Jeff helped put away everything.  I totally got scolded and only ate half the King size package instead of the whole. I'm still thinking about those delicious strands of gelled sugar nearly eight hours later.

- I have successfully managed to write FOUR confessions related to a single trip to the grocery store.  It is a sad life I live.

In other news...

- I have been misspelling y'all for YEARS.  Thankfully, Lea sent me a text last week saying something along the lines, "I thought your English teacher-self would want to know that y'all is spelled y'all, not ya'll."  THAT is a true friend.  (And, for the record, I am totally disappointed in this.  Obviously, I know the rule about putting the apostrophe in place of the letters you are removing... It just never registered with me.)

- Sam's feet were smelly the other day from wearing little shoes with no socks.  The confession part of this is that I thought it was so cool and proceeded to tell almost everyone I saw about what a "big boy" I had now with smelly feet and all for the next two days.  (I still think it is kind-of cool, but I've chilled out about telling people.  Well, except for you.)

- I just brewed a pot of coffee (it is 10:30PM) because interims are due tomorrow and I haven't graded ANYTHING since school started.  (Yes, it is already the middle of the first quarter.  Crazy.)  Way to start off the year on the right foot!

Well, that's enough from me. What juicy confessions will you share today?  Please link-up below!

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  1. Ha! Love the grocery story... I can picture every bit of it. And i love (?) that I made your confessions this week?!?!? At least my correction got me "true" friend status ;) Love you.


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