Sunday, September 16, 2012

Walking, Commenting, and Blog Gems

Hey friends! Sorry I was MIA this week.   No good excuses, just life.  You know how it goes.

Anyways, I'm back today with some very important blog business and lots of other random goodness.

BUT FIRST, a little announcement... (No, I'm not pregnant.  Hold your horses you crazies!)

***Sam is (finally) walking! After more than a month of one step here, one step there, I think we can finally say we officially have a walker!  He is still in the wobbly stage, and I LOVE it.  He is too adorable for words really.***

Now, for the very important business...

As you may have unfortunately noticed in the last few weeks, the robot commenters have invaded my blog!

I know, this is totally what I get.  A while back I posted about how annoying it was when people had you type in secret code words etc. because everyone knew there was no such thing as "robots" commenting.  And, well, my comment forum has been taken over by all sorts of spam and un-related robot comments.  I stand corrected.

To remedy this problem, I've decided to try Disqus which is a fancier commenting forum available here.  I'm all about low-maintenance on this thing, so we'll see how it goes.... But, will you PLEASE do me a favor and just leave a little comment on this post so I can see if it is working?  I have a giveaway coming up tomorrow (spoiler alert), and I want to be sure we are up and running. THANK YOU! (Btw, I'm in the process of converting all my old comments to this format too.  They say it can take 24 hours, so if you notice that all the past posts have zero comments... they are coming.)

And, I will leave you with a few "Blog Gems" from this week... Enjoy!

"Decorate with Meaning" from Not Just a Housewife Stacy really put into words my heart about decorating.  One of the things I am most proud of in our house is that almost nothing was bought new.  It all has a story.  It all has meaning.  This post encouraged me to think about that and be thankful for that - instead of just wanting new, new, new.  I even decided to snap a few iphone shots of some of my favorite "meaningful" items in the house. (I wanted to post these, but my computer is messing up... SO, maybe later.)

This blog in general, but especially this post (via Oct. 2011) from A Touch of Roots.  I should warn you that it is HEARTBREAKING; but, I like to torment myself it is powerful and real and a good reminder to make every single day count. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

The "Dear Me: A Letter To Your Teenage Self" link-up at Chatting at the Sky.  I really wanted to write a post for this, but I couldn't get my act together in time for Friday.  Maybe I still will - later.  Anyway, read the letters.  They are so good.  I need to read Emily's book - I think we might be the same person at heart.

Kelle Hampton's gender reveal video here.  Seriously, does she ever do anything that is not beautiful?  (P.S. I am SOOOOO excited to see how she dresses her new baby!)

"9 Ways to Design around a TV" from Centsational Girl.  This isn't deep or anything, but Jeff and I are in the market for a TV console, so I found it particularly relevant and inspiring.  Look, I like to balance deep with shallow - ok? ;)

"Two v. One" from Loves of Life.  I have loved following Katie's transition from being a mom of one to a mom of two.  She has been so real and honest and funny and raw.  This is SUCH a good reminder to moms and women in all stages of life.  Read it.

"I Hate What Pinterest Has Done to Blogging" from O My Family.  AMEN sister!  This is a must read. :)

"An Open Letter to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney from Perry Noble".  Because this list - clearly - needed some politics.  Ha!  Seriously though, this is my college pastor, and it is good reading.  Here's praying Barack and Mitt read pastor blogs.

And to wrap this up, a little blurb from Glennon at Momastery on the release of her new book -  it is so true, and, obviously, I couldn't do a "Blog Gems" post without her:

I hear you, Mommy Guilt. They didn’t used to listen to you, you know. Mamas used to have their babies and let them do their kid thing for twelve hours a day while mamas smoked cigarettes and played bridge or worked all day and then made Hamburger Helper. I think all this obsessive Mommy Guilt is relatively new and I am going to try every day to silence it. I will not let you take me down, Mommy Guilt. I did a good thing. I’m proud of myself. I wrote a book that is going to help people take it easier on themselves – and maybe one day one of those people will be Tish. Shut up, Mommy Guilt. I’ve got work to do and kids to raise and honestly, neither job needs my UNDIVIDED attention to thrive. There is nothing about me that is undivided and there never will be. I am a woman divided. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ok, I could go on and on... But I'll stop there. Lots of good stuff out there this week... I promise I'll try to contribute a little more myself next! See you tomorrow!


  1. Hello my friend, hope this comment works! :)

  2. Another comment for ya! Love that you have a walker on your hands, so exciting! :-)

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  4. Normally just a lurker, but leaving a comment as requested. I do enjoy your blog!

  5. Leaving a comment for you. I just found your blog and quite like it. :) It is fun how blogs lead to other blogs. I think that's how I found you!

    Amy @

  6. Yay! It looks like this is going to work out nicely! I'm glad you like Disqus!

  7. thanks for the love :)

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