Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Outfit

And now, for a complete fluff post to follow yesterday's deep thoughts...

This was my conversation with my sister on my way to school this morning: (at stop lights, of course)

Hilarious, right?  And, she proceeded to tell me what she is wearing and that wearing jeans at Thanksgiving is "suicide."  Duh!

Side note: As much as I LOVE being a boy mom, I still think a lot about how special the relationship between sisters is - even with silly moments like this - and REALLY hope I have two girls some time in life.  Don't tell Jeff. ;)

Anyways, I've reached the stage of stress and disorganization this week that prompts me to forget all things important and focus on very unimportant things - like what I'm going to wear for Thanksgiving lunch next week.  Don't tell me I'm the only one who does this.

On the off chance that you need something totally superficial to think about for a few minutes today, here's what I'm wanting to wear:

What do you think?  Be honest.

I'm borrowing the leopard print scarf from Kathryn; and, don't worry, the red pants I'm planning to wear aren't actually jeans - they are much more comfy!  The main issue right now is that I don't have a striped shirt like that (I have ten striped shirts - it's a problem really, but none that I think go with 'this' look. Ha!), and I exhausted my "November discretionary budget" on about November 3rd.  It's a hard life I live!

I guess I'll let you know if the outfit is pulled off in about a week.  (Let's be honest, I'll probably wear my maternity jeans.  Ha!  If only they didn't rip down the middle from overuse.)

In the meantime, what are you planning to wear for your Thanksgiving meal?  Come on, don't be shy! 


  1. the outfit is awesome. go for it.
    i'm thinking of wearing my stretchy jeans...though i did consider a knit dress that'll expand to accommodate turkey and mashed potatoes :)

  2. I'll be cooking all day and even though I will plan to go and change into something nice, it never happens. I'll just sit and eat with jeans and a sweatshirt on, probably with food all over it from cooking! :)

    I so want to be fashionable. I just don't know how.

  3. I desperately want to wear a sequined skirt because I have NO other reason to EVER wear a sequined skirt but I'm not sure i want to spend the $ for my 18 month old to pull each sequin off one at a time. On the other hand, it would make for a low key Thanksgiving and very little worry of where in the house she is.....

  4. Love your outfit plan, and I see no reason to not invest in an 11th striped shirt. Find some available funds in the Black Friday budget and pre-spend them on the shirt. :) As for me-- I totally agree with Kathryn that jeans are suicide. My outfit will involve leggings, a tunic, and boots. Not so sure about a cute scarf-- it'll probably only serve to slow me down and/or collect crumbs/drips of gravy. Attractive.

  5. I love the outfit-mostly because its almost exactly what I'm planning to wear. I'm debating between black and leopard shoes. I don't have a leopard scarf :(. My shirt is similar, but doesn't have as much white on the shoulders. I found it at loft for 40% off. I've already worn the outfit 4 times since my baby was born 4 weeks ago. It's the only semi stylish thing I can fit jnto, but I love it

  6. Adorable outfit! I bought a striped (long-sleeved tee) shirt similar to that at a GAP outlet about a month ago. It's definitely budget friendly enough to justify being the 11th striped shirt!

  7. when we found out our baby was going to be a Gabriel instead of an Eden, my heart sank for 1/2 a second. i alwats knew deep down that 2 children was all this momma could handle and so Saige would never get a sister.
    Fast forward to Gabe's arrival and everything is as it should be ;)


  8. I always plan my Thanksgiving outfit more than any other holiday, except maybe July 4th. It's so funny! I'm wearing my brown cords and my go-to deep orange button down. Still figuring out accessories.

  9. I don't accessorize. I'm certain I'll be wearing a denim skirt over leggings, a t-shirt, and a cardigan. It's what I wear pretty much anytime I'm not wearing pjs.

  10. I definitely want: a. leapord print scarf that I have searched high and low for in the stores in my area and cannot get my hands on one (imagine me stomping my feet and talking really fast). I have a black/grey leapord print scarf--but I want a brown/black leopard one. Anyone know where they are?? LOL!! b. I want a striped shirt or possibly a striped knit dress to mix with the leopard. It's all over pinterest and I'm obsessed.

    BUT, I usually wear leggings and a knit dress with a scarf on Thanksgiving. My family always thinks I overdress--but it's my way of wearing stretchy clothes without wearing pajama pants. LOL.

  11. ooooohhhh. I like that outfit. I've got to pack mine tonight. That might be what I go for!

  12. I've had mine planned out for a few months! I'm wearing a blue dress and boots. You might as well plan your outfit for all the photos. Piper is wearing a dress with a smocked turkey. Jen

  13. thanks for giving a list-making mama another thing to add to the list! (I never think about the Thanksgiving outfit & normally wear jeans. WITH A SWEATER! yes, I am one of "those" people. :)
    Love your outfit!

  14. Old nave has really cute stripped tops right now!

  15. Hi I love the wonderful you say it is suicidal to wear jeans on Thanksgiving. Do you actually mean a holiday? Basically I am in jeans 100% of the time (if I am not in PJs or yoga pants.)Which by the way one of my pet peeves is seeing women and or girls wearing their PJs out in public! I feel that we have become lazy and don't dress the part anymore that it is easier to be shleppy than dressed for the occasion...I know what you are thinking I did say I am in jeans 100% of the time...but in my defense that is the dress code in my office, it is so much easier in the morning hauling everyone out the door by 7:45 AM..But I do dream that one day I will be the Coco Chanel woman like back in the 50's hey it is a start. Not sure what I am wearing this year but it won't be jeans as I was planning!

  16. Outfit looks fine to me. don't overthink it, their just clothes. then again ima dude so i just throw on whatever is least offensive smell wise.


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