Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Sorry this post is up so late today... We had plans to meet a girlfriend and her baby boy for lunch today, but those plans fell through last minute so Poppy acted as a stand-in.  (He is always happy to oblige me for a Chick-fila date, even with a moment's notice.) Anyway, the weather has been beautiful here (although, not exactly Christmassy) so we hit up a big park after lunch.  I love that my boy is finally starting to be old enough to enjoy outings like that.  Fun times.  Anyway, better late than never - right?

- Sometimes I let Sam do things like tear apart an entire package of wipes or splash in the dog bowl so that I can write a blog post in peace.  Only sometimes, of course.

- I want to enter the darn Inappropriate Elf contest at Baby Rabies SO bad.  One, because it is hilarious; and two, because the prizes are pretty phenomenal. BUT, I can't think of any funny/ inappropriate but not so bad that I'd be mortified if a students' parent happened upon my blog ideas.  I'm considering cheating, only I don't know how to go about that either. :)

- I was recently perusing old blog posts and came across my "12 in 12" list of goals for 2012.  (Ha! What a joker I was back then!)  I am proud to report that as of 12/5/2012, I have successfully completed/implemented 1.5 of the things on that list.  Either I'm going to be VERY busy losing 30 pounds, writing a book proposal, training for and running a half marathon, and learning photography in the next three weeks, OR, I'm going to declare 2012 an epic fail and significantly decrease my ambitions next year.  I'm leaning towards "Keep Sam alive" and "Remember to feed Addy 6/7 days a week" for 2013. 

- I had a physical on Monday morning.  It was the first one since before I was pregnant with Sam.  (I know, lame.)  In preparation for the weigh-in, I ate extra healthy on Sunday and specifically chose my lightest clothes (i.e. leggings) for the appointment.  I may have looked fatter than ever (leggings, remember?) but I weighed about four pounds less than I was expecting.  Not bad, eh?  

- I made an irrational promise to one of my classes last week that if I didn't have their HUGE projects (that were due back in October a long time ago) graded by Tuesday I would give them all 100%.  I made this promise because I knew I needed something to light a fire under my tush and get me working, and that I was off on Monday and could catch up then.  BUT... I didn't count on being sick/lazy all weekend and having a sick boy (have I mentioned he has another freakin' ear infection?) on Monday.  Needless to say, I slept TWO hours Monday night and was literally grading the last papers as class started.  #procrastinationatitsfinest  #iamsuchagoodrolemodel  #ijustlovetypingwithnospaces

Well, Sam is running over himself with the cozy coup, so I better get back to parenting. :)  No link-up today (sorry); but, if you wrote a confessions post, please leave a link in the comments!

See ya friends!


  1. I have my first post pregnancy physical tomorrow (since I'm way closer to he next pregnancy than the last one...), and I'm dreading the scale. Maybe I'll turn my head!


  3. your 2012 was not a failure. your expecctations were just unrealistic. (And I cannot see a word I'm typing, so who knows what this will say.) You made it to work, brought home a steady paycheck and? oh yea did that thing called BEING A MOM. and a good one at that. screw the list. 2012 was a big fat success!

  4. here is my link :


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