Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Things

This post is ALL over the place.  Consider this your warning...

- We are bracing for a big snow storm here.  Seriously, I'm so excited.  That's one of the many things I love about being a teacher - you are never too old to appreciate a snow day!  The school system just announced that they are dismissing two hours early today because the snow is "supposed" to start around 2PM.  This early dismissal doesn't affect me - since I get off at 11 anyway - but I'm still giddy as a school-girl.  Fingers crossed that this isn't just a lot of hype for a false alarm.

Y'all, that's the front page of the NATIONAL weather right now.  To be fair, our local guys are saying to only expect 1 - 5 inches, but still....
- My dad bought a boat.  It is an old pontoon; but we are SO excited about it!  My dad loves being on the water, and he has talked about owning a boat for YEARS now.  I'm honestly so happy that he has this little "toy" for himself.  (Growing up with two girls, he often had to trade things like that for gymnastics lessons and designer dresses.)  This past weekend - when, ironically, it was 70 degrees outside - we took the boat out, and I made us have a proper "Boat Christening Ceremony" in which we drank champagne, poured it on the hull, read some funny wishes to the "gods of the sea" and officially gave her her new name - Bear Necessity.  (You like it?)  *Funny thing about the name... I spent all Sunday morning coming up with a list of 15+ possible names to choose from.  Kathryn came up with this one off the top of her head, and it stuck. Go figure.

- I REALLY need to do things in the next six months: 1.) get in shape and lose weight and 2.) check some things off of my 30 Before 30 list.  In an effort to figuratively "kill two birds with one stone," I'm seriously considering signing up for a half-marathon late spring. Right now, I am looking at either the Alexandria Running Festival Half on May 26th or the Virginia Wine Country Half on June 2nd.  That leaves me more than enough time to complete a 16 week training plan.  *To be fair, I just should confess that I've actually signed up - and paid for - a half-marathon before; and, well, since it is still on my list you can probably guess how that went. ;)  Anyways, I'm determined (or at least getting there) to really do it this time... But, here are my questions for YOU:  First, would any of you be interested in training and then actually meeting me there to run one of these together?  I think that would be SO motivating (especially if we got a group to do it), not to mention fun! And, second, if you've ever run a half before, what recommendations do you have - training plans? Timelines? Anything, really.

- My sister  My beauty coach recently introduced me to two new make-up products that I'm loving.  The first is a coral blush that is just the right shade for my freckles and skin tone, and the second is a Mist & Set product that I LOVE because my face is notorious for "eating" make-up within an hour of application.  So far, I think it really works. They are both made by E.L.F.* and - the best part - they are only $3.00 each.  As if you needed another excuse to make a Target run... :)

- I had to come back and add this after I read about it on Karen At Home While you are at Target, check out the new line of Chevron crib sheets by Circo.  They match Sam's bedroom perfectly!!! (And, no, I don't agree that chevron is kind-of 2011... I was just ahead of the style trends.)

- And finally, as you've probably noticed, I've made a conscious effort to focus on more of the things about myself that make me feel good lately - like decorating.  To be honest, when I first made this commitment to myself, I had a bit of a blogger's block.  If I'm not making fun of myself, what am I going to talk about? And then, once I got started, it came pretty easily --- so easily, in fact, that I'm starting to feel sort-of guilty - like I'm being conceited or fake.  (Seriously, what is wrong with me? I posted a few pictures of my - imperfect - house.  It's not like I published Glamor Shots.)  Anyway, all that to say, I've got some more posts coming up about some organization projects etc. that I've been working on, and they make me happy. But, rest assured, my guest room ceiling is falling in (literally), I overslept and didn't take a shower before work yesterday, and Sam ate an entire bag of goldfish while I grocery shopped last night. :) There, I feel better...

Ok, that's enough rambling for now.  I'll let you know if the snow hits.  Have a good day!

P.S. This is just my opinion about the product, and I'm not receiving any incentives for endorsing it.


  1. bring on the snow-mageddon! We MAY get a dusting, leaving our stores empty of bread and milk at the hour. :)

    I'd be up for a half-marathon! I think it would be great motivation to get up and get out. And maybe we'd finally meet?!

  2. I would LOVE to do a half-marathon. It's on my bucket-list. I used to run a lot--but now, I'm sure I couldn't run to my car without taking a break, haha. Not sure I could make it to Virginia in May though :(--but maybe NEXT time...cause I'm sure once you run one--you're hooked, right? That's what they (all the marathoners) say anyway, haha !

    I LOVED this blog post! Full of random, fun stuff!! :)

  3. We used to do the "snow dance" at work. Have fun building a snowman with Sam!

  4. Glad I'm not the only one with all-over-the-place blogs!! I am totally going to try that ELF makeup-setting spray. I'm in love with the ELF oil-blotting sheets and mascara...gotta love Target cheapies!

  5. I need to find the website, but there are sites where they review races and you ca see course pictures and stuff. For your first one, I would think about two things: crowd support and the course. I have unfortunately not run either race, but know a lot of folks who ran the wine country race last year, it's pretty hilly from what I recall and you won't get a lot of spectators on the course given the location. The Alexandria race might be less hilly, with more spectators and probably less difficult to get to logistically! There were shuttle and parking issues at the Wine Country race last year.

    As far as a training program, check out Hal Higdon. I've used his plans when I've been trying to get back on track after coming back from an injury and they are great! The run/walk method makes things really manageable, and his schedules will really prepare you! If you can find a local road runners group, mother runners group or local running shop with training programs, I would highly recommend looking into it! I trained for my first marathon alone and since then have done a succession of road runners, running stores and group coaching, and running with a group makes it 10x as much fun! Even if you have to go alone one or two times before you make some friends ;) it's worth it, I promise! You could also look into a virtual coach. I know Classy Southern Wife does that:

    Good luck! I can't wait to read about your running! I did my first half in 2007 and then I got the marathon bug. I've only done four and I'm out this year for my first pregnancy, but hoping to run the Richmond Half in November (which btw, is probably my fave race and if the spring doesn't work out for you, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it!!!).

  6. The course photo website is just full marathons! You might also want to look into the Run for the Dream Half Marathon in Williamsburg, it's managed by the same company that manages Boston and, having done to College in the 'Burg, I can guarantee you it will be mostly flat! Also, I've heard good things about the Fredericksburg Marine Corps Historic Half.

    1. YES! Thanks for this McV! E- Williamsburg is perfect! and so pretty. and FLAT. and did I mention the outlets are down the road?! :)

  7. I'm kinda obsessed with ELF products. So cheap, yet they really look and feel so fancy! :)

  8. I ran a full marathon, and I can say unequivocally that Runner's World has the best training schedules. They not only lay out your mileage plan, but they have food tips (as you build your mileage) as well as recovery guidelines. I followed it when I was training and was not even sore the day after the marathon--I give their plan full credit for that. They used to have the training plans on their website; It has been a while so I am not sure if they still do. Good luck!

  9. The snow has arrived in the UK aswell, a light dusting today and by the morning we are supposed to be snowed in! No school for my little miss and pleased to say a day off work for me (as we live on a hill and won't be able to get down!) Enjoy :)Good luck with the running also!

  10. You will absolutely love running your race!! I agree with a previous commenter that for your first, it might be nice to do one with a lot of spectators. I recently did the Star City half in Roanoke, which has appx. 3 fans total (two of which were my husband and nephew) and had it been my first, I would've thought it was such a letdown. Regardless, if you can get your own fan-crew (family) to scout out a few different places on the course to cheer you on, it will make a huge difference. For my first couple races, and for my first full marathon, I used a Hal Higdon training plan. I still use a modified version of that plan (you can choose your level, from Novice all the way to Advanced) and I think it's great. Feel free to email me with more specific questions if you end up doing it - I would love to help!

  11. i'm doing my first half in february at disney world! and hoping to do another in early may here in my hometown. i would possibly be interested in the one in alexandria. what a fun reason to go to DC!

  12. I am a runner and have some old posts on my blog about my races and training and stuff. If you have specific questions about fueling or training, let me know! I'd start with getting a plan off the internet or from a book at the library or bookstore. Look at a few and pick which one best fits your needs. When I ran my first 1/2 and full, I bought training books and they really helped motivate me. I read a chapter a week:) Good luck! It's such an amazing journey. And let me know about any questions:)

  13. I have done the half (it's cooler if you say it that way) in Lincoln, NE the past two years. Honestly I don't train to run the whole thing. I use a 3 min run/ 1 min walk plan that has me running three days a week, doing some cross-training, and increasing my long runs each week. I have found though that the day of the race I run quite a bit more than I had planned. The adrenaline kicks in's awesome! Good luck! You can do it!

  14. OH, the beautiful snow is here!!!! 5 inches on my patio already!! funny, we were on the boat last weekend, this weekend...a snow storm!! no school for us tomorrow either, honey!! yes, the one BIG perk of being a teacher! After 30 years teaching, you can never have to many snow days!!! LOVE,LOVE!!

  15. I think I would be interested in doing a half marathon. I have talked about it... but never done it because I HATE TO RUN... but if I had a plan I think I could probably do it! And I'm relatively close, so I could meet up somewhere.

  16. ooh me, me! I'm in Cville and would totally do the wine country half!

    email me

  17. I have been waiting for a snow day since September. I guess we actually need some snow this year for it.

    I have ran a couple halves and I LOVE them. I think it is the perfect distance to feel like you have accomplished something, but not want to die. (I did a full, I know.) Here is a link to the training plan that I have used and it is great!

    If I was anywhere near your side of the country I'd totally meet up with you :0)

  18. Oooh thanks for the make up tip. And $3 is right about in my price range. I'm going to be looking for it as my face has a habit of "eating" make up too.

  19. Over here in southern Indiana we got all of the sleet and ice from that storm system! No snow day, but I can't complain about a two hour delay. :)

    By the way, loved the randomness of this post!

  20. Hi E! I have to de-lurk to tell you that a half marathon is a great idea! Sometimes in the day-to-day fun of parenthood it can be hard to feel a sense of accomplishment – even when you do all the laundry, there is just more the next day! Running is great for that, though. When you finish the race, you know exactly what you have accomplished and you can check it off the list! And a half marathon is totally doable.

    Have you thought about training with your little guy? It can be a great workout, and if he likes walks in a stroller he will probably like jogging or some sort of running-walking combo. It can be a good way to get in a workout and spend time together, too!

    If you are interested in some training company, I would love to join you! I live in Salem, but run in Roanoke a lot on the greenway. In a moment of craziness, when I thought 2013 should be the year of muscles, I signed up for the Blue Ridge Half Marathon in April. Obviously that was a terrible idea; do not do it. There is a mountain IN THE RACE! What was I thinking???? I should have been smart and signed up for a race that is flat and is named for wine country instead of a mountain range. Anyway, I usually jog with my 5-month old in a jogging stroller. Or, as in the case of this morning, risk both our lives ice skating through Roanoke at a pace of 1 mile per hour. Let me know if you are looking for running or walking company!

    Sorry, that was a super-long comment. I’ll just go ahead and make it longer to tell you that I am so glad I found your blog. I really enjoy your writing!


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