Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Bachelor Superlatives

I told you I'd be back to fun today! Seriously, how can you go from talking about surrender and using big terms like self-fulfilling prophecy to gushing over reality TV dating?  Watch and learn, friends... Watch and learn. ;)

from Eonline
So, did you watch?  I realize most of America was watching the National Championship or something "educational" like Downton Abbey last night... BUT, I hope I wasn't the only one watching the season premier of The Bachelor.  What can I say?  I totally think it is superficial trash, but it is fun and it is a great excuse to drink wine and gab with my mom and girlfriends for two hours once a week.  There.

With that said, I like Sean a lot.  He wasn't necessarily my pick for Emily; but, I think he's super cute, and I love that he seems to be a genuinely good guy. (You like how I used the word genuine to describe someone on The Bachelor?)  Did anyone else notice that he prayed before the first girls showed up in the limo?  (For the cameras or not, that takes some guts.) Anyway, I hope the show doesn't ruin him and turn him into a sleeze between now and the "overnight" dates.  Time will tell.

Anyway, today, I'd like to talk about the truly important matters of the show - like fashion and faux pas; and, to do so, I thought I'd award some high school yearbook style SUPERLATIVES for this season.  Here goes:
Best Dressed
Leslie M.
(I wasn't the biggest fan of her football entrance, but I think she's cute and I like seeing a smart, professional, southern belle. She's one of my top picks for the win. FYI.)

Runner Up: Robyn

(This was a close competition.  I think I got distracted by her awful fall; but, I really love this dress.)

Most in Need of a Stylist
(Although, there was some tough competition for this one.)

Best Accent

Kacie B.  
(I thought she was the cutest thing on Ben's season, and I still do.  BUT, I didn't hear much of her accent in the previews?!?)

Most Awkward Entrance
 Lindsay the bride (how awkward was that kiss? #wishIhadherguts)

Biggest Train Wreck
Ashley P.
(*Bonus* Favorite Quote of the Night: "I brought my rape spray." Hahaha!)

Most Likely to go Crazy After Being Eliminated
(I don't know what it is, but I just don't trust that girl.)

Most Confused about What Show She Is On
(Was it just me, or did she totally seem like an aspiring diva on The Voice or something?)

Biggest Surprise
(Totally wouldn't have pegged her as the first to get a rose, OR the villain of the gang.  It looks like both are true!)

Most Under-Rated
(She's beautiful and very classy looking, and I don't even remember if she got eliminated or not.)

So, do you agree with my awards? What would you change? Who is your prediction for the next Mrs. Lowe? (I seriously have NO idea yet.)

*All photos from ABC unless otherwise noted.
P.S. Get your confessions ready for my Midweek link-up tomorrow!  Come on' join the over-sharing club!


  1. I am soo happy Kacie is on the show!!! I think the girl in the wedding dress may have had a chance if she didnt get d-runk... lol

    We were watching at girls night and I cant evern remember who all got roses because he just kept handing them out throughout the show instead of during the ceremony!

  2. The 50 Shades of Gray girl was just awkward! I was cringing watching her!

    One of my favorite quotes from the night was the girl in the wedding dress - "I wish I was more sober right now." Ha!

  3. I agree with all of these! I would have to add the Ashley H. somewhere in the mix, but I 'm not even sure what award she'd get! Her sometimes southern/sometimes hood accent was killing me! I'm pretty sure Colorado girls don't have Southern accents? Glad I don't have to watch anymore of that! ;)

  4. Haha- this is great! I was watching Downton Abbey- but I've decided to watch the Bachelor this season. This helps keep me up-to-date, thanks.

  5. I absolutely L-O-V-E your recap! i am nodding my head in agreement on a lot of the girls with your persoanl captions ;) looking forward to these posts!

  6. yes! i love this- all of it! :) I was hoping all the drunk girls would get the boot, including the "bride." From the "coming up on this season of The Bachelor" previews after the show, it looks like "bride" girl may be around for a while, too.

  7. I totally agree with all of these! I was shocked to see Lindsay get out in a wedding dress and felt so bad for Sean when she tried to kiss him! Talk about awkward!! And Ashley...poor girl needs to not drink so much. I laughed so hard when she was dancing and later fell!

  8. I would have to add a superlative: "Sweetest Girl" goes to Sarah (the one born with a missing arm.) She seemed so sweet and genuine... and it broke my heart when she didn't want to go talk to Sean because she didn't know if anything was there-- to me, it felt like she didn't she was good enough for him. I'm SO glad he was such a gentleman to her and gave her a rose.

  9. how did I not watch this?! or even know it was on? I guess I'm far too wrapped up in my own reality tv aspirations now - Amazing Race Canada! Trev & I are "filming" our audition video on Friday - just the pair of us talking to our iPad should be a fun venture #not! xo

  10. This was a GREAT list! I agree with all of your superlatives! I was definitely shocked about Tierra in the future previews. I NEVER would've pegged her as the "villain," as you say. I do love Sean, too. I am very attracted to guys who you are great with kids! But I almost wish Arie was the Bachelor, or had his own season going on simultaneously :) I also really like Kacie B. and was super shocked to see her pop in unexpectedly.

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one watching last night either :) Guilty pleasure, I suppose!

  11. Ok I just now watched it... My first episode EVER!!! Get excited. I agree with your superlatives except I wish they told us more about how one becomes a Jumbotron operator. And WHAT was up with Diana's dress??! sports bra on top, hot mess on bottom, casual hair? She's too pretty for that!

  12. I agree with these superlatives! But I also LOVE Desiree (aka Dez) - she is my favorite...but it looks like that is gonna go bad.

  13. I'm about halfway through the show but I did love the "rape spray" quote. Hilarious!

  14. I love this show && your commentary was hilarious. I also am a huge Kacie fan but my first thought was, 'she never stopped tweeting!' so i'm worried that means she doesn't get far on the show. From their introductions I liked Leslie, Tierra, and Robyn. They have great personalities and all seem pretty fun. I didn't watch the previews so i'm not sure what will happen in the upcoming weeks but i'm sure it won't disappoint! :]


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