Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blog Gems This Week (and other notes)

This has become something I really look forward to putting together each week. Usually on Saturday mornings with coffee in hand (or, as is the case this week, on Friday night with hot chocolate), I allow myself a couple of hours (I know, it's very indulgent) to skim the last week of blogging and choose some of my favorite posts - sometimes they speak directly to my heart or a particular place I am in, and sometimes they just make me crack up - to share with YOU, my friends.  In a weird kind of way, it is almost like we are sharing a sofa and chatting like girlfriends -"Did you hear....?"  "I read somewhere..."  I love it. 

Anyway, all that to say (can you tell I'm getting wordy and trying to squeeze 40 days worth of blogging in the next two weeks?) that here are some gems from around the web this week... 

"What Not to Say to a Working Mom" by Devon Corneal for Huff Post

"The Joy of Missing Out" by Ingrid of Aesthetics of Joy - This was really good for me to read as I prepare for my "fast" - so true, but so hard to remember sometimes.

"Big Sisters and Little Brothers" by Melissa of Dear Baby - I don't have a little brother, but I think this post could really be for anyone with a sibling - especially if you are the oldest.  It also reminded me of some of my friends and their own little brothers (Pryor) or their own big girl, little boy families (Lindsey).

Dan and Me: My Coming Out As a Friend of Dan Cathy and Chickfila - If you recall how I felt about the Chickfila drama this summer, you will understand why I LOVED this post so much. SO much.  It is written by Shane L. Windmeyer, a leader in the LGBT community and the executive director of Campus Pride (which is the organization that initiated the campaign against Chickfila in July), about the friendship that has developed between he and Chickfila's owner, Dan Cathy.  THIS is what it's all about people...

"Lying about Birth: Yes, Kate Winslet Should Feel Ashamed" from The Idea Girl via

'Touche" by Single Infertile Female.  This post made me think about how I talk about (and even joke about) pregnancy sometimes and the role of Facebook in all that.  A little sensitivity goes a long way... This was a good reminder.

And, a couple of other little random things...

- THANK YOU to everyone that has sent me an email about guest posting.  I plan to to take every one of you up on your generous offer; but please forgive me for being S.L.O.W. with email responses. You should hear from me in the next day or so, but feel free to go ahead and send me an HTML blog post without a response too.  :) Y'all are the best.  (I'm still taking guest posters if you are interested - the more the merrier!)

- I downloaded Rules of Inheritance to my Kindle and started reading it this week after several of you recommended it in response to this post.  So far, I really love it.  Claire's blog is also becoming a fast favorite.

- Big, fun, wonderful sponsor give away coming up tomorrow.  So excited.


  1. I didn't know Kate Winslet lied about the birth of her son. What a stupid thing to lie about! I'm almost embarrassed for her.

    I just read this morning, that Chik-fil-a is no longer funding anti-gay orgs and was so happy to see it. The article you linked to above makes me really happy, too. I wish the whole world could get rid of their bigoted points of view, but I have tremendous respect for folks who are willing to listen to the other side of their story and change their minds. Just imagine if politicians did that!

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