Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Bachelor Take 2

I wasn't planning on blogging about The Bachelor again tonight; but, let's be honest... I couldn't resist.  (Plus, it's the cold hard truth that y'all like the posts where I talk about trash a lot more than the "deep" ones, and that's perfectly fine with me. Somebody's gotta be good at gossip.)

Anyway, for the sake of laziness (err, I mean efficient-ness), I'm going to "live" blog this as I watch (thanks P for the idea).  These are my non-edited thoughts as I watch... I will apologize in advance for being too wordy or random (or mean)... Here's goes.

How beautiful is Lake Louise? I'm just going to put this out there... If you want to go on The Bachelor for the "wrong reasons" - like to become famous or to travel to beautiful places, I don't judge you one single bit.  In fact, I think that is probably THE right reason to go on a show like this.  If my "boyfriend" wanted to take me there with eight other girls, I'd be game! ;)

Catherine is adorable.  I wonder if she packed that bright red ski suit and if she was as pissed as I would have been when she realized that her date involved a blizzard.  (This reminded me a bit of the day after Jeff and I got engaged in Salt Lake when we went skiing at Snowbird.  We literally got off a ski lift at the top of  a mountain where there were NO slopes, just people randomly turning off the side of a cliff on their skis. I cried and screamed the whole way down and then refused to leave the lodge the rest of the day.  Needless to say, it was NOT romantic.

from - I LOVE this of Sean
I like her a lot though.  She's cute and fun and (minus the giant hoop earrings) classy.  She's movin' up... That said, if Sean says "I'm crazy about you" to one more girl, I'm going to quit watching.  (Ok, we all know that isn't going to happen... But seriously, ENOUGH already.) 

Group date... Poor Daniella.  This just adds to my questions about how in the heck she is still on the show?  She must have some MAJOR skeleton in the closet that will come out in the next couple of weeks. There is no other explanation, right?

Selma's shark comment?  She is ridiculous, and I love it.

WHO is thinking of these dates?  Seriously, the producers have clearly run out of ideas.  Polar Bear plunge? Really? Even if ABC hadn't 100% given away what was going to happen, I could have seen it coming form a mile away... Idiots.

"Sean is hot, I'm hot, let's just jump in and get cold and hot together."  Really? Oh Daniella.  

I can't even talk about Tierra.  She said she was going to get hypothermia, and she did.  Tierra always gets what she wants... Ha!   One note, and then I'm moving on, if she was going to dramatize a situation like that (which I feel confident that she - and the producers - did) home girl should have at least worn water-proof mascara...

Lesley took my advice last night, and she's stepping up her game today.  I appreciate how real she is; and, I think it speaks highly that she can be pretty bold with Sean and maintain good friendships with the girls too.  (I don't think she's going to make it though... She's too "normal.")

Sarah is beautiful, and sweet, and (obviously) very strong.  But, she looks really tired lately, do you agree?  (I mean, I can't imagine why... it's not like Sean keeps making her jump through crazy hoops or anything.)

Mystery solved.  Tierra puts on her make-up with a black-light.  Weird.  (What is with the size of the earrings on this show?)

Ha! "Tierrest."  Love.Lesley.

Lindsay is awkward.

AshLee looks like Meredith Gray, no?

Sean: "Do you want a proposal at the end of this?"
"No, I'm just here for a fling..." - Said no Bachelorette ever.

Lindsay just tried to steal Sean's tonsils.

WHAT?!?! He is sending Sarah home?!?!?!? Did NOT see that coming.  I'm legitimately sad for her.  This is actually really awful.  Uggg.  If Tierra wins... 
from ABC
I know there are a lot of "Team Dez,"ers out there, and I definitely think she's cute; but I'm just not that crazy about her... Sorry.  (Also, she has the same suitcase as Sarah.  Do they all have the same suitcases?)

I'm kind-of over the "extreme" dates and very over the risk and relationship analogies.

That moose is over it too.

WHAT is Sean wearing in the teepee?  That is almost as disappointing as the fact that he sent Sarah (who was clearly the best dressed) home.

Way to go ABC... Send the girl that lived in a tent on a date in a tent.

"I am humble" isn't really a "humble" statement.

I can't even look at him in that sweater.

Shocker... He's giving her a rose.  "He is crazy about her."

And the rose ceremony...

Thank goodness we still have Lesley's style.  

Is Selma breastfeeding a growing baby that we don't know about?

"Although I don't have the courage to jump in a lake, I do have the courage to betray my family on television."

She definitely brought out the big guns tonight.

I do.not care for Lindsey.

What is going on with AshLee and the blindfold?  I am so confused. That is Top 10 most awkward Bachelor strategies.

I hope there are herpes tests for the contestants on this show.

How is it possible that his wife wasn't there last week, but she is there this week? #therearenonewgirls

What?!! TWO are going home this week?!?!  This just got serious.

What is Catherine wearing?  Geez Louise...

Tierra's outfit?  There are no words.

Shocked again at Sean's choice of who to send home tonight...  He is very very confusing.

From ABC
The show is going to be a lot less funny now.

Oh Daniella, are you really in complete shock?  Really?

Quote of the night: "You six are the six for me."  So romantic.

Ok... I feel like I've stooped to a whole new level tonight... I hope you don't think less of me.

If you made it through all of this, you are a true friend.  Haha!

I will try to be back later today with confessions... We'll see.


  1. I feel like I'm seriously missing out by not watching the Bachelor now haha! I may well have to start watching!

  2. Love love love the live blogging from last night! Again, I agree with all of your comments!! Tierra totally needed water proof mascara... I also noticed that the girls had the same suitcase... Can't wait for next week in St. Croix to see what shenanigans Tierra will pull and I really can't wait for the show to be back on at 8... Staying up until 11 last night killed me!

  3. Great episode. I had no idea Canada was so beautiful!!! Holy cow, that lake. Anyway. Yeah, Selma going home is a major loss. She was awesome. And apparently people from Baghdad only like very temperate climates...neither too hot nor too cold? Who knew. SEAN'S SWEATER IN THE TEEPEE!!! I could not stop laughing. Please tell me the producers gave him that and it's not actually a lead player in his wardrobe...yikes!

  4. This episode was a hot mess. Do glad Daniella is gone! But, I too, am sad for Sarah. Really wanted her to be the one

  5. I completely agree...he has to stop saying, "I'm crazy about you!" And kissing everyone. It's getting hard to watch. But I can't stop!

  6. Pah! I had the sane exact thought about the herpes thing, at the same exact point in the show, haha! I've come to the conclusion that I think Sean likes the "vulnerable" victims in the show, and its kind of annoying. I'm going to start counting how many times the word "vulnerable" is actually used. Why am I watching this trash? I have no answer, but I'll probably still tune in next week! If for no other reason than to read your recaps - you crack me up!

  7. My favorite part of this post: "thanks P for the idea." ha!!!

  8. These are all my thoughts from last night!

    Except that I oddly like Lindsay. I don't think she's the girl for him - as evidenced by the fact that they never talk, just kiss - but I think it's sort of cute.

    Selma and the shark laugh - oh. my. gosh.

  9. I am with you. If he says "I'm crazy about you" to one more girl........(well, I'll keep watching...but you know..)

    This show drives me crazy--but brings me back for more every.single.week!

  10. Sad day--I actually LOVED Sean's sweater in the teepee :) haha. I mean, like I wanted it for myself.

    I *might* have read spoilers and I *might* be SUPER SURPRISED at who ends up with him. We'll see how it goes....

  11. my favorite quote of the night: "The worst part about hypothermia is missing time with Sean." definitely tierra, definitely.
    selma was hilarious. she reminded me of michelle money (from brad's season i think?) except she isn't so weird.
    i would have totally cheered when he said they were going somewhere warmer. i would have been super-grumpy about hypothermia and glacier dates.

  12. I loved this post!! I look forward to reading your blog after every Bachelor episode!!

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  14. E! I laughed out loud through this whole post. You're a hilarious writer. And I agree with everything you wrote!

  15. E, first of all, I'm so glad you took my tip on trying for a live blog: Success! Second, how could you not mention the ice castle????? Very disappointed. Maybe you were just too shocked to comment.

  16. Your comments and insight are truly amazing! Yes it is Thursday night and I JUST finished watching both episodes (I have been avoiding reading these posts all week and it has been both motivating and frustrating) ... Anyway you are the best and what does it say about us that I TOTALLY noticed the suitcase thing too!

  17. I had saved both your posts to read after/while I watched the episodes this morning! Hilarious. And many of the same thoughts I had.

    One you didn't mention...when Catherine talks about having this tramatic event happen to her, etc. And when she's done, Sean says "I'm so glad you're here." Uhh...ok? I suspect (and hope) it was just poor editing.

    I really love Lesley. I think they'd be perfect for each other. But we will see!!

    Look forward to next week! :)


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