Thursday, April 18, 2013

Natural Make-Up for Freckle Faces

Alternately Titled: My (New & Improved) Make-up Routine

Well, you guys responded so well to yesterday's post about my hair, that I've just decided to become a full time Beauty-Blogger from here on out!!

HA.  Not a fat chance, don't worry!

Really though, I've been wanting to tell you about my amazing sister my new make-up routine thanks to my amazing sister.  Maybe, if you are beauty-product challenged like me and/or have an adult face with both freckles AND wrinkles (which is an awesome combination, really), you will learn something or be introduced to a new product here.  If not, well, hopefully you will tolerate my very long post on something I know very little about. ;)

Anyway, as you probably know, my sister is my beauty coach.  Seriously, she is.  I absolutely DO NOT buy any beauty products without consulting her first, and when she occasionally directs me to a particular product, I get it immediately.  She is a beauty product junkie, but I'm thankful for her addiction because I get lots of hand-me-downs (which is actually kind-of gross when you think about it) and she really does keep me (at least most of the time) in style.

Moving on... You might also remember that one of my 30 Before 30 items was to get a make-over and buy the make-up...WELL, consider it crossed off folks! (Only 24 more things to do in approximately in 11 months.  #Nobigdeal.)

A little background info before I show you my new face make-up...

My makeup routine (up until recently) took all of FIVE minutes (I'm not exaggerating) and involved: loose powder, bronzer (which I used all over my face and on my eyelids), blush, and cheap mascara.  And, although I'm quite proud of how "low maintence" I am, I have to admit that it was usually done sloppily and Jeff often had to "clean me up" in the car on our way out.  So, in an effort to not be a clown-mom that all of Sam's friends make fun of one day, I decided it really was time for a more grown-up face.  (My mom always said she was going to "put on her face" which we thought was hilarious because she clearly had a face without makeup.  Then one day I spent the night with a girlfriend who's mom happened to be a beauty queen and saw her sans makeup the next morning.  It turns out, she really did have to "put on" her face.  Anyway, I digress..)

For the last ten years or so, I've been a loyal Bare Escentuals user, but recently I had heard from several people that powder-based make-up like that actually isn't good for dry skin. (And, let me tell you, my skin is nothing if not DRY.)  I've also been more aware in the last year or so that my skin is beginning to show some age (at one point I thought I might look 8 forever) and I need to treat it well with moisturizer, SPF, and (maybe) washing it before bed.   

Enter Kathryn, Beauty Coach Extraordinaire.

Over Spring Break, when Sam and I visited her in Fredericksburg, Kathryn took me to Ulta and got to work.  I went without a stitch of make-up on and, thanks to the hard work of my sister and one of the "cosmetologists" (is that what you call them?) there, I left feeling like a beauty queen!  Or, at least like a prettier version of myself, which is really what I wanted. ;)

My only requirements were that the new make-up routine look natural, work with my freckles (I decided long ago to stop fighting them), and be relatively easy to put on (Mama needs her sleep in the morning!).

This is what my beauty coach came up with:
Natural Makeup for Freckle Faces

1. The Radiance Renewer Cleansing Gellee by Garnier (what is a Gellee?)
2. Laura Geller Spackle under make-up primer (I have it in Champagne)
3. Benefit Oxygen Hello Flawless liquid foundation (I have it in Ivory)
4. Benefit CORALista blush
5. Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay
6. NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Cafe
7. Stila Forever Your Curl Mascara (black - always, according to K)
8. NYX Born to Glow liquid illuminator
9. NYX Dewy Finish make-up setting spray
10. Garnier Soothing Remover Cleansing Towelettes (to use real quickly before bed)

A little (very awkward) Before/After action:
#Ipromisethereismoredifferenceinreallife #Samcouldnotcareless #supermodelpose #awkwardselfie
 And, finally... A few lessons I learned from my coach:

- Some items (like primer, foundation, and blush) are worth splurging on, while others (eyeliner, glimmer cream, etc.) are just fine in the cheapy drug-store variety.

- It is fine to mix and match brands of make-up.  Benefit is known for their skin/coverage products; while Stila has a great reputation for eyes.

- Liquid foundation really does make a difference in terms of how smooth and even your skin looks.  Also, a lot of progress has been made on this front since the last time I tried it out (which was approximately 1999 - no exaggeration) - it is light and natural looking.

- Applying liquid foundation with a brush (I use the same one I had from my Bare Minerals) is easy and gives an "airbrushed" look - which I guess is good

- Bronzer every day is not natural, neither is too much blush; a little bit of each goes a long way.

- For a natural looking eye, use a light color for all-over, highlight with one shade darker in the outer-corner crease, and use LIGHT eyeliner

In conclusion, I have been using my new products for about two weeks now.  I really like all of them, but especially the foundation, the blush, and the eyeliner.  Overall, it doesn't take that much longer than my old routine, and the make-up does seem to last a little bit longer on my face.  Also, I've gotten several compliments (mostly from my parents and Jeff), so it must be working out alright. :)

Ok... that is absolutely all I have on this subject. Thanks for sticking with me!
P.S. If you are in the Fredericksburg area, Kathryn offers beauty consultations for a small fee. (Kidding! Unless you really are in the area and want her to, then I'm not really kidding.)


  1. Awesome post! You look fab!! I have been lamenting the fact that I don't think I can be a "no-foundation" girl for much longer. I think it would make a big difference these days. Ugh! Can you tell me more about why you need an under makeup primer before foundation? Never heard of such a thing.

  2. you look beautiful before and after!!! but like i told you last night, you really do look pretty with your new make-up on!! You really do have an amazing sister!!!

  3. You look fab! Your eyes look so much bluer in the 'after'-- such a fun side-effect of makeup! :) I have the original Naked palette and it is pretty much my favorite possession on earth slash I would probably run back into my house in a fire just to save it....

  4. I am a makeup junkie (possibly addict) and I will not spend the money on mascara. Drugstore versions ARE just as good. Try any of the covergirl lashblasts or maybelline Full N Soft. Splurge on good foundation! Also wet n wild makes really good eyeshadow trios for $2.99, pick up walking on eggshells. It's neutral and very flattering. I think the new routine looks good. Your skin is more even.

  5. Great post- this is a makeup routine I could actually use! I heard that using a brush for liquid foundation is good- do you use a small concealer brush or one of the big blush brushes? Thanks for the tips :)

  6. Hi friends! Kathryn (sister) here. I'll answer your questions! :)
    Meredith: Make up primer makes make up stay longer, and it helps conceal pores, fine lines etc. The primer that I use (the same as E...Laura Gellar, Spackle) comes in a few different colors/tints.. the champagne one (that she and I are both using now) has a little bit of a gold tone to it..if you're a no foundation person, this can just make your face look glowy and pretty...worth a shot, and a little goes a long way. She (LG) also has a bronze one that I use in summer under a BB cream (no foundation person, want to try..go BB cream, AMAZING) and it makes my face really glowy and looks super (naturally) tan. I tend to try and keep sun off my face..! :)
    Rachel-there are actually foundation ones work fine, but I use Urban Decays "optical blurring brush..." its amazing! and
    Christina...Im OBSESSED with cheap, drug store mascara...I swear by Maybelline! :)

  7. Thanks, E (and Kathryn)!

    I, too, am a freckle face who knows little to nothing about make-up ... So this post was very helpful for me! ;)

  8. I love how you 've had done, You look so fresh and beautiful !!!

    Organic Skin Care


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