Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oops... And More Gems

Um... Oops.  I didn't mean to disappear for, like, a week.  Sorry about that!  Life is busy - we celebrated Jeff's birthday this week (happy 29 my love!), and I'm knee deep in AP test prep etc. - but good.  Things should be slowing down soon, so thanks for sticking around.

In the meantime, here are some good posts from the blog-o-sphere to keep you distracted.  Enjoy!

"Dear Teachers Everywhere" by Jen Hatmaker

"Mother's Day Printable" from Diana via 6th Street Design School

"A Letter to A New Christian Mom" from Callie Nicole at Through Clouded Glass

"Tips on Taking Your Kids Out in Public Without Losing Your Mind" from Mama Mandolin

"4 Steps to Take When You're Not Ready for Change" from Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience


"You Don't Have to Choose a Parenting Method to Be a Great Parent" by Beth Woolsey for Huff Post

Have a great weekend!
Also, Poppy turns 95 today!  Can you even imagine being 95 years old?!?  We're celebrating with a little Cinco de Mayo party - obviously. :)

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