Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bachelorette Recap: Dez Episode 7 (I think?)

I have to be honest with you all, for some reason, writing these posts has become really hard for me... I don't know what it is, but for two weeks now I have just stared at my computer screen after watching the episode, and I have nothing witty to say.

This season is boring right?  I have to hand it to Dez, she's done a good job of narrowing down her choices.  Most weeks, she has gotten rid of exactly who I wanted her to, and I appreciate that she doesn't mess around the "drama" some of the guys like James, Mikey, and Ben brought to the show. To tell you the truth, I would be fine with any of the remaining four guys winning this thing. They are all cute and "there for the right reasons."  They all have little quirks that I don't love, but I'm not that crazy about Dez, so I really don't care.  Am I awful?  I just don't feel invested in this season at all. (#shedoesntevenwearcuteclothes)

It has left me wondering if the life of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette might be dwindling. It seems the producers have exhausted most of their tricks (we've even stooped so low as to play up Drew's handicapped sister - which I think is just too low), and everything feels predictable and overdone.  What do you think?  One can only hope that next week's hometown dates (which are, clearly, the very best) can restore my faith in the roses. ;)

Now that I'm, like, the biggest party pooper in Bachelor Nation, I'll attempt to recap last night's show:
First, the "girlfriends" pool party made me very confident of two things: 1.) Dez is terrible at acting natural; is it me or does she always seem a bit like she is reading off of cue cards? and 2.) Lesley really should have been the Bachelorette.  (Why don't the producers consult with me on this stuff?!?)

Anyway, how awkward were the girls? That's just what I would want to do - hang out with the five guys I'm dating, two girls that tried to steal my last boyfriend, and one that succeeded. #badidea Clearly, Tierra and Ashlee turned down their invites; otherwise, I can't for the life of me figure out how Jackie made it back no one even knew she was on the last season.  (Oh wait, she was invited so she could wear a bikini... of course.)  Either way, I don't blame Dez one bit for making them stay so far away that they had to use binoculars to see them.

Moving on...

Brooks looked like he hadn't slept since Week 1, right? I want to like him, I really do, but he just doesn't impress me.  He seems "too cool," and I'm not a big fan of men in denim shirts and cardigans - although I do give him credit for (clearly) not giving in to the American Apparel bandwagon that is the rest of the show.

My prediction is that something big is going to happen with him in the next few weeks.  I've been watching these shows for a while, and I don't think I've heard a Bachelor or Bachelorette say she's in love with one of them so early on.  They are totally going to play up the fact that she loves him and he just isn't "there yet."  Dez is going to get her heartbroken.  (Shock!) And Chris Harrison is going to rub more salt in the wounds with questions like "has he said he loves you"?  Just in case America missed something.

I go back and forth with Chris.  I think he is really cute; but, he wears a lot of thin shirts with no undershirts and shorty shorts.  Also, if they write any more AWFUL poetry together, I might just throw up.  Uggg.  Message in a bottle? Really?  All that said, I think he is a good fit for Dez.  They both are hot dorks - a good fit for each other - and he seems genuine.  We'll see.

Good riddance Michael G. and your gelled hair.  That's really all I have to say about that.

I REALLY like Zak.  He would never have been on my radar at the beginning of the show, but his personality is so fun and cute.  He seems like a real guy, don't you think? Also, of all the guys, he seems to be the most grown-up and "ready to be married."  I felt genuinely sorry for him when Drew swooped in and used his sister to get the rose on their group date.  Also, did you notice, Dez said the winner of the race got something special and ALL he got was to go first in their alone time.  LAME. 

(P.S. How funny was their "romantic picnic" in the center of a race track or sitting on old tires?)

Drew surprises me.  I really can't believe he has made it this far.  As my sister-in-law noted last night, he looks like he stepped straight out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog.  True! I guess that would be considered a good thing, but I don't trust Abercrombie models or anyone with hair as perfect as Drew's.

So... What did you think this week? Are you into this any more than I am?  If so, please share your secrets!


  1. as I said last week, I stopped watching and rely solely on you for my updates now. My USWEEKLY came in the mail with this title " Bachelors from hell" and "Hartsock ready to quit" It made me think of you <3
    - Lauren

  2. I'm on Team Zak, too-- I really don't understand her attraction to any of the others.

  3. I'm not bored, but I can attribute that to the fact that it's my first time ever watching Bachelorette, so I have nothing to compare it to? And I'm all starry-eyed and other lame stuff like that? So I still get a big kick out of it. I liked this week because all the drama boys were gone and these guys all seem like genuine, likeable guys. I'm on Team Chris...despite the ridiculous, cringe-worthy poetry, I really like him and think they are super fun together. I like that he was a professional athlete (drafted by the Chicago Cubs!) but he doesn't talk or brag about it, even when there were legitimate/relevant opportunities to do so...he seems really humble and down to earth. Oh, and cute. And funny. So, Team Chris!

  4. I didn't watch this season. Wasn't "into" Dez, and after reading this, I'm glad I haven't wasted my time. :-) I agree that the bloom may be off of the rose.

  5. Totally can't get into this season either! I keep trying but it just doesn't hold my interest. If they pick the next bachelor from this group, I feel like next season may be doomed too :(

  6. Right there with you and the yawn fest this season. The previews are always so dramatic that I just HAVE to keep watching, but then kick myself for doing so. I feel like the Bachelorette seasons are always duller than the Bachelor seasons! Love your commentary though! :D

  7. I'm totally Team Zak! I feel like they would have so much fun together and I think he's a cutie. I also can't figure Brooks out. I feel like we didn't get to see them forming that bond that is supposedly so strong and I can't believe that she said they are already at the finish line! The previews don't look that hopeful for him. I'm excited to see what drama her brother causes, i'm sure it'll be good.

    thanks for the recap!

  8. we definitely disagree on the awesomeness of brooks...and i think zak is really cheesy...but i agree with how the show is getting boring.
    i used to watch the show and would be so upset when certain people were eliminated. i actually CARED! but now i'm like, we're already at hometowns and i don't even know one of the guy's names!
    my husband saw me watching the show and didn't think dez was pretty at all. interesting.
    i think she's super-cute, but also super-boring. lesley was awesome. dez was a much "safer" bachelorette, i think.


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