Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Men Tell All Superlatives

Did you think I'd forgotten about Dez and her men telling all? Oh no, friends.  Even in the midst of some mad Blogher packing and prep (I'm actually sitting in the airport now), I made time for Dez. #prioritiespeople

So, let's do this...

I thought the episode was generally good - by this point, my expectations are fairly low.  Bringing back the three (out of, like, 600) Bachelor/Bachelorette success stories to join Dez in surprising fans was a nice touch. Of course, I missed a good bit of this because I was so distracted by the fact that Dez was wearing a white blouse with a denim blouse OVER it.  Is this some kind of fashion trend I've totally missed?  WEIRD! If Dez and Brooks end up together in the end, they will totally co-write a book titled 100 Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt. #Iwouldprobablybuyit. (Of course, we all know he is going to "break her heart" and leave next week.)

Anyway, how adorable were Molly and Jason Mesnick?!?  Also, how intense was Ashley's screaming, and how hot is JP?

OK...  Then we had the second awkward pool party of people pretending to be girlfriends because the producers said so... Emily looked 100% like a Stepford wife (which, isn't all bad), and Ali was WAY too spray tanned (not that I'm judging, I am currently sporting the over-bronzed beauty look myself!) I'm so glad these girls have each other for moral support. ;)

Alright, FINALLY, we actually started the Men Tell All  and Chris Harrison was in all his juicy-gossip glory.  I was glad to see Zak there looking good and recovered (albeit, a bit orange), and I didn't recognize about 80% of the rest of the guys  - no joke...

I'm not going to recap everything for you because, honestly, it is just too boring; but, instead, I'm going back to an old favorite from Sean's season ---

Most Likely to be on Bachelor Pad: James (which, yes, I watch #notproudbutrue)

Most Likely to Have a Fan Club Even Though He's a Jerk: Ben (I mean, he has me with his dimples.)

Most Awkward Decision on the Part of the Producers: Including random scenes with the guy in the armor.  

Worst Hair: MICHAEL G.

Most Surprising Favorite: Juan Pablo (he talked at least 5 million times more on this episode than on all the episodes he was in on the show) 

Guy I Most WANT to Like: Mikey T.

Most Ridiculous Attempt to Steal the Spotlight: The random with nice teeth that claimed Ben's ex-wife tracked him down in Vegas.

Best Accent: Juan Pablo (duh)

Career Path with the Most Tools: Lawyer

Best Apology: Jonathan (aka: fantasy suite creeper)

Biggest Wild Card: Zak (One minute I love him, the next minute he's shirtless and/or singing.)

Worst Dressed: #Kasey (I like the guy; I really do, but what in the world?)

Most Likely to Become a Stalker: Brandon

Most Likely to Pop a Button Off His Dress Shirt: James

Most Likely to be the Next Bachelor: Juan Pablo (I actually thought I was on to something here; but, apparently, he's the front runner. WOO HOO)  *I'd be perfectly happy with Zak too, but I don't think its as likely.


Most Likely be a MAJOR Let-Down: the "shocking two-part season finale"

P.S. Sure hope I see Mikey and James in Chicago this weekend! (Ha!)


  1. I mean, there will probably be lots of tall women at BlogHer, so odds are good that James and Mikey will find their way there. :) I would be totally thrilled if Juan Pablo gets weird that he spoke SO MUCH on MTA...but glad Chris Harrison acknowledged how little screen time he got the rest of the season!! And oh, Zak's headshot (or whatever you call that picture)...he looks so non-orange...I miss that look on him. He was seriously getting Oompa-Loompah-ish Monday night.

  2. Entertainment with one day of hard work.


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