Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Midweek Confessions 7/3

Whew! So glad to be back on track and confessing again... I hope you will join the fun!
- Sam pooped in the shower when we were camping.  It was AWFUL.  And, to make matters worse, he kept pointing at it and saying "ewwww" like he wasn't the one responsible for it!  #ilovecleaninguppoop  (If you happened to be camping at Claytor Lake campground B last weekend, rest assured that the issue was taken care of promptly.)

- Guess which mom didn't even consider bringing any outdoor/riding toys for a two day camping trip with her very active toddler.  Yep, this one. All the kids around us had bikes and other little toys while poor Sam pulled a rolling cooler (yes, a cooler) all around the campground.   #thereweredinosaursinsideit

- I babysat a friend's two month old yesterday and took my own Wubby with me (to be fair, it was brand new).  He wasn't a fan; and, I am embarrassed to say how much I forced it on him when he was crying.  Seriously, I don't know how to manage babies that don't take a paci.  It's a problem.

- On my solo road trip Monday, I stopped to get gas and saw a kid walk out of the store with a big cherry Icee.  It looked SO good, and I absolutely had to have one.  Needless to say, I showed up at my girlfriend's house an hour later with a bright red mouth like an eight year old and a belly ache.

- I haven't really stuck to my "big girl" make-up routine at all this summer. (Sorry Kat.)

- The only "lipstick" I ever wear is made my Lip Smackers and tastes like Dr. Pepper.  :)

So... Will you join me?  Please link up your confessions post below!

Feel free to put this on your blog if you want!


  1. You are jooooking about the pacifier thing. OMG. hahahaha.

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! These confessions are the best!

  3. haha I love the coke icees mixed w / a little red icee = cherry coke!

  4. Seriously LOL when I read the "Sam pooped in the shower at the campground" line...hilarious! :) As if campground showers aren't nasty enough; then you had to wipe up poop off the floor. I feel for ya! :/

  5. Is it bad that I rarely wear any make-up during the summer? :)

  6. I'm pretty sure you (or Sam, I guess) just KILLED any fizzling desire to ever camp that I may have had. THANKS A LOT!!! ;)

  7. the rolling cooler confession made me laugh out loud!!

  8. We were camping with our 21 month old these last few days and she got a pretty bad diaper rash so we had her going diaperless in the camper for a little bit one morning. She squatted down and pooped right on the floor and did the same thing as Sam - stood up and said "ewwww.....yucky" and then started crying

  9. I love that Dr. Pepper lip smackers. It may just be the only thing I wear for "make up" in the summer, that is, when I haven't lost it. (again!)


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